Travel – Thank you for the music, Brighton!

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Voulez vous? And does your mother know? Bent’s own little dancing queen, Adrian Gillan, takes a chance on the UK’s queerest seaside resort, where – where else? – ABBA won Eurovision almost exactly 40 years ago, their undoubted springboard to pop mega-stardom! On one fateful night in April 1974, 40 years ago this month, an […]

Travel – Stratford-upon-Avon: Shakesqueer hits 450!

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Adrian Gillan visits Stratford-upon-Avon to celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. But was the Bard really bent? 450 years after his birth (23 April 1564) in Stratford-upon-Avon, the sheer humanity, scale and scope of William Shakespeare’s work continues to ensure a fame-beyond-words – and without so much as a twitter or tweet! Ironic then, that his private […]

Bent Travel – Disneyland Paris

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With a cheery giant Mickey (and friends) parading beneath fairytale castles… all set amidst white-knuckle rides… us gays have long high-indexed on the legendary Disney scale – doubly so if you’re one of the increasing number of gays with kids! Every day’s a “Gay Day” at Disney! Getting there: Eurostar For the smoothest, most stress-free way to travel […]

Travel – The lowdown on H-Town

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From downtown high-rises to laid-back districts: Adrian Gillan flies United to land in Houston!  America’s fourth largest – and number one fastest-growing – city, Houston (a.k.a. H-Town), was founded back in the 1830s in a Texas region that has flown six flags since the European invasion: French, Spanish, Mexican, Texan, Confederate and now USA! Oil […]

Travel – New York, New York

Sights, lights, nights! Adrian Gillan flies Virgin Atlantic to get Bent’s gay guide to the Big Apple! So good, you just have to name it twice, this former Native American homeland and Dutch colony is the most sung-about place on Earth – from Porter, Bernstein and Sinatra to Pet Shop Boys, U2 and Madge! WHEN […]

Travel – Turn it up, in Tenerife!

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Adrian Gillan feels winter heat in and around Playa de las Americas in south western Tenerife! Tenerife is the largest of the seven isles that make up the Canary Islands: home to banana plantations and tropical groves, all dominated by Mount Teide – Spain’s highest peak; Earth’s third largest volcano! Enjoy winter sun around the […]

Travel – Plastered in Paris

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Adrian Gillan gets Gallic, and perhaps just a teeny bit phallic, in the glorious French capital.  The French capital truly reeks of romance. Moreover, rest assured, few places on earth can be gayer than the roads of the intimate Marais and neon-lit Les Halles districts just north of Notre Dames. And there’s obviously no faster, […]

Travel – Elegant Eastbourne

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  Brighton boring? Adrian Gillan heads mere miles down coast to find Eastbourne far from retiring! Of course it’s hard to beat Brighton, undisputed gay capital of England’s south coast. But if you’re after something arguably less brash, a tad more genteel, 100,000-populated Eastbourne offers a welcome alternative! Eastbourne has a similar history to its […]

Life with The Lyons

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 Death, dysfunction and loneliness: Adrian Gillan enjoys the European premiere of The Lyons – the venomous dark comedy, with its fair share of gay characters, on at the Menier Chocolate Factory in London. “A cross between Beckett, Orton and Albee.”      Rating: **** As Ben Lyons (Nicholas Day) lies dying of cancer in hospital, his long-suffering […]

Travel – Bella Verona

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Home to countless real-life Romeos, not to mention one or two gents, it’s more bars than Bards in World Heritage City, Verona, these days, finds Bent’s romantic roamer Adrian Gillan. “Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene…” So Shakespeare – who never left England – puts this Northern […]

Travel – Crazy Cardiff

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Oh boyo! Adrian Gillan catches Welsh rarebits down in crazy, sexy Cardiff! Dream of yummy lads in scrums; or strapping miner boys sluicing off their soot? Dream on! Cardiff is in fact one of Europe’s youngest capitals – both head and heart of Wales – as well as breeding gloriously horny, luscious, lilting stunners with […]

Travel – BrightonRocks!

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Bent’s Adrian Gillan explores the sights and homo haunts of the UK’s queerest seaside resort. Randy royal raver Prince Regent escaped London back in the 1770s. Though straight – and no port or sailors here – he brought with him an air of flamboyance and devil-may-care that madeBrightona natural colony for rich queers in tow. […]

Travel – Bootiful Boys!

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  So much more than Delia Smith, Alan Partridge and tasty turkey! Adrian Gillan checks out those bootiful boys in East Anglian capital, Norwich! Norwich is bootiful, really bootiful. Not just the city itself, which is indeed a kind of overlooked York – out-on-a-limb in the oft-forgotten lobe of East England – complete with castle, […]

Travel – Fit ‘n Swiss!

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Photo: Graham James. Chocolate ‘n cheese, mountain ‘n lake, money ‘n men: Adrian Gillan is far from neutral about the sporty summer outdoors in gorgeous Switzerland, on a tailor-made all-action adventure! Bored of the beach? Done with using your holiday to merely lie back, pig out and get drunk? If so, then the invigorating glories […]

Travel – Alberta: Edmonton & the Canadian Rockies

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Home to the Canadian Rockies, it’s even where they shot Brokeback Mountain! Adrian Gillan visits the province of Alberta for soaring peaks in Jasper and big city buzz in capital Edmonton! Born out of Canada’s own Wild West – where outlaws, prospectors and trappers moved amongst native peoples before the British Empire took hold, naming […]

Bent Travel – Mumbai guys!

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It’s not all “slumdog” in buzzing Bombay – or Mumbai, as now known! Gay ban recently lifted, Adrian Gillan flies, with Virgin Atlantic, direct to India’s financial, media and party capital! Originally a string of scarce-inhabited islands off the mid-west Indian coast; snubbed by the Portuguese who preferred Goa a few hundred miles south; gifted […]

Travel – FAB FAL!

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Bugger Bondi! Adrian Gillan far prefers the handsome surfer types wafted in by warm Gulf Stream winds all-year-round down in and around Cornwall’s lovely, balmy Falmouth! And there’s never been a better time to visit than during the Fal River Festival  (24th May – 2nd June)! It’s a surprisingly long chug down to, then along, […]

Travel – Breathless in Venice

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Gaping gondolas! Adrian Gillan visits one of the most genuinely unique, beautiful – and frankly unlikely – cities on Earth! But quick… the waters are rising! It makes Amsterdam look positively land-locked! And gives Canal Street a whole new meaning! One of our planet’s indisputable urban wonders, former wealthy city-state Venice – once conquered by […]

Travel – St. Moritz: budget Glitz!

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Adrian Gillan is far from neutral about the surprisingly affordable non-downhill-ski winter options in and around the world-famous glam Swiss resort of St. Moritz! Perched at around 1800m in the stunning Engadin valley – in the Eastern canton that is Switzerland’s largest winter sports region, Graubünden – the well-nigh iconic resort town of St. Moritz […]

When in Rome? Men in Rome!

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by Adrian Gillan for Bent   Spread across seven hills, the grandeur of Ancient Rome still bedazzles! And as for the Roman men! TO SEE ‘N DO Take in the iconic Colosseum, where naughty Nero thumbed-down gladiators, and Christians fed lions; the vast yet still elegant hole-in-the-roof Pantheon, built for Hadrian; and those former hubs of […]

Travel – Yorkie Bars!

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It bore Guy Fawkes, and Judi Dench – but it won’t bore you! Bent’s Adrian Gillan hits student-brimming York – almost exactly 800 years after King John granted it city status. From Roman Eboracum to Viking Jorvik, from the Normans and the Plantagenets to modern-day tourist and student hoards: the small city of York may […]

Travel – Bent on Kent!

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                                                             Photo: Visit Kent From the history of the Medway Towns to the seaside frolic of the Isle of Thanet, Adrian Gillan finds that the north coast of Kent – the ‘Garden of England’ – is full of low hanging fruit! From Normans and Dickens in the Medway Towns, to esplanades and Tracey Emin on […]

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