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Calvin Harris – The new face of Emporio Armani

Calvin Harris – The new face of Emporio Armani Giorgio Armani has announced that it has chosen Calvin Harris as the face of Emporio Armani for the spring/summer 2015 season. The internationally renowned DJ, singer, songwriter and music producer will also be the worldwide testimonial of the Emporio Armani Eyewear and Watch lines. The campaign, ... [Read more]

New project to help tackle LGBT hate crime

New project to help tackle LGBT hate crime  The Equality and Human Rights Commission has launched a 16-month-long project to tackle significant under-reporting of hate crime against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people in Great Britain. Recent figures in England and Wales show less than 4,500 homophobic and transphobic incidents ... [Read more]

Joe McElderry – more than A Face in the Mirror

Joe McElderry – more than A Face in the Mirror Tis the season to be jolly. Tis the season to be daft. Tis the Panto season, so you can unashamedly be both of them. All around the country these strange annual occurrences bring together kids of all ages to shout and boo, sing and scream at a bunch of actors who frankly, should know better. The problem ... [Read more]

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Yorkshire Terriers Calendar 2015

Yorkshire Terriers Calendar 2015 The players of Terriers have come together to strip off in a bid to raise funds and do their bit for charity with the release of a naked calendar. Still wondering what your mum wants in her Christmas stocking? How about some Yorkshire steak? Whatever your poison, there's a Terrier for you. Beefcake ... [Read more]

Christmas Underwear

Christmas Underwear With Christmas fast approaching I’m sure you will be busy wondering what to get the man in your life as a ‘special’ present.  We know that in general lingerie and underwear rate highly on this ‘special’ barometer of ‘personal and sexy’ that you hope your partner will enjoy. We also ... [Read more]

Winter Auction to counter LGBTQ homelessness

Winter Auction to counter LGBTQ homelessness   The holidays are always difficult for LGBT people who may have been disowned by their families, and the problems are compounded for LGBT people who are homeless. To address this, Stonewall Housing (unaffiliated with Stonewall) works to address LGBT homelessness in the UK. This winter they’re launching ... [Read more]

Perez Hilton on being a gay dad.

Perez Hilton on being a gay dad.   The fabulous, new, healthy-looking, buffed  Perez Hilton discusses being a single gay dad on the website for gay fathers, In the interview, he reveals that if he were to meet his husband, Perez would not allow the man to adopt his son because the child is his.  If they were to ... [Read more]

Grindr Announces ‘Best of Awards’ for 2014

Grindr Announces ‘Best of Awards’ for 2014 Revealing Top Gay Icons and Moments of the Year Grindr, the leading all-male geo-social networking app, surveyed its extensive user base to reveal this year’s ‘Best of Awards.’ Grindr users from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia weighed in on everything from their favourite song ... [Read more]

Fascinating Aida celebrate 30 years

Fascinating Aida celebrate 30 years Fascinating Aida, Britain’s best-loved comedy cabaret trio, who in 2013 celebrated 30 years of their unique brand of filthy, witty and fabulous entertainment, will finish their epic tour of hit show CHARM OFFENSIVE with a final potty mouthed peregrination round the UK during Spring 2015. First, they ... [Read more]

Travel – Gay Valais!

Travel – Gay Valais! Chocolate ‘n cheese, mountain ‘n lake, money ‘n men: Adrian Gillan is far from neutral about the active summer outdoors options in and around stunning little Champéry - jewel of the Portes du Soleil clutch of resorts, in Switzerland’s French-speaking Valais region! So plan ahead and get booking ... [Read more]

Bent Confession – The Mask

Bent Confession – The Mask Last week was the first time I’d been blindfolded when having sex. It happened at a party in a mates house and wasn’t what I expected. I had admired a leather mask one of the other guys had brought and he invited me to put it on, which I did. It had no eye slits or mouth hole so when he then fastened ... [Read more]

25th Anniversary Carnival of Diversity.

25th Anniversary Carnival of Diversity.    2015 see the UK's biggest Pride festival mark 25 fantastic years of Pride in the City and is widely anticipated to be the biggest Pride celebration in the city to date. To mark this important milestone, and in recognition of our diverse and inspirational community, our theme this year is "Carnival ... [Read more]

Sleeping Bag Suit

Sleeping Bag Suit OK, it has been described as the next ‘big thing’. Where once the onesie was the best piece of equipment for lounging around, now the Selkbag is destined to be the most desirable bit of kit for those who are active. There’s nothing better than feeling totally warm as you curl up in your tent ... [Read more]

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