Gay Marriage – It’s up to you by Les Lea

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So, the 29th March is rapidly approaching and we gays will be allowed to proclaim our love by getting married… just like anyone else can. Actually. Wait a minute. Erm, sorry but there are some restrictions. Well there had to be really didn’t there? After all, Equality is a grand concept but we don’t want […]

Alan Turing Institute must be in Manchester

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The Chancellor announced today an Alan Turing Institute is to be established with five years of Government funding from a new £222m funding package.  Alan Turing, the Second World War code-breaker, is to be honoured with a new research institute in his name and Manchester MP John Leech has called for the institute to reside […]

Dr Christian asks: Cure me, I’m Gay

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In this one off documentary Dr Christian Jessen will explore the motives and practices behind therapies that offer to change people’s sexuality. He asks if it is possible to ‘cure’ homosexuality and will boldly undertake some of these ‘cures’ to see if he can change his sexual preference. Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’m Gay will […]

It’s the ‘gays’ to blame by G. Alexander

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Image: Hanna-Barbera In a world that is rapidly turning on itself, it’s heartening to know that we know who to blame for all the horrible things going on around the globe… those pesky gays. Why, if it wasn’t for them, some politicians say, we’d have gotten away with our ‘perfect’ world. Alas, the ‘Scooby Doo’ […]

‘#HomoPromo’: Gay equality art campaign piles heat on Russia

February 21, 2014 by  
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Online poster campaign, in support of Stonewall, launched to protest against Russia’s controversial laws on homosexuality Winning posters to be exhibited and auctioned off to raise money for Stonewall’s work internationally Creative people from all over the world invited to design and submit entries on Tumblr Campaign uses art to highlight gay oppression in Russia […]

Book Review: Secrets Make You Sick

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Many people live their lives desperately holding onto a secret. Abused as a child? Living with HIV? Addicted to crack cocaine? Being gay in a country where homosexuality is illegal? Well Trevor Kleinhans has lived his life with all of the above, and the remarkable story of how holding onto his secrets caused his life […]

The hidden homophobic shame of the NHS by Peter Tatchell

February 13, 2014 by  
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The posthumous royal pardon granted to war-time code breaker and computer pioneer Alan Turing was a long overdue attempt to put right a grave injustice. Turing had been convicted of homosexuality in 1952, under the same nineteenth century ‘gross indecency’ law that sent Oscar Wilde to prison in 1895.  Given the option of jail or […]


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Thousands of Swedes sing Russian national anthem in the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, in support of Russian LGBT people. A film project, called LIVE AND LET LOVE, is a Swedish contribution to the debate concerning LGBT, human rights and the winter games in Sochi, Russia. In summer 2013, newspapers and TV news programs, more and more […]

Another Footballer Reveals He Is Gay

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It would appear that Tom Daley announcing last month he was in a relationship with a man has had an effect on other sportsmen… well… maybe one. Former German midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger, who retired from the sport recently because of a knee injury, has announced in an article for German magazine Die Ziet that he […]

Turing receives royal pardon

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“Not before time,” some say, as the man who changed the course of WWII, is at last given the respect and the justice he deserves. Back in 1952, the mathematician who found a way to decipher the German Enigma Code, thus shortening the war considerable and thereby saving thousands of lives, was convicted over a homosexual act […]

Gay Icon Russian Dolls

December 12, 2013 by  
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Creative agency Mother and The Kaleidoscope Trust are sticking two fingers up at homophobia in Russia this Christmas. The Russian LGBT community is facing increasingly harsh treatment at the hands of authorities. Attacks on gay people are rising, in a country where homosexuality has been classified as a mental illness since 1999. So, this Christmas, […]

Rugby stars claim many gay players live a lie

November 8, 2013 by  
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Gareth Thomas and James Haskell discuss homosexuality in sport and the Hollywood movie of the Welsh legend’s life story The first openly gay international rugby player, Gareth Thomas, joins current England international James Haskell in claiming many professionals in the sport hide their homosexuality, as they discuss work commencing on the Hollywood biopic on the […]

Book – Why is the penis shaped like that?

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  A book that has been out for a couple of months now but seems to have slipped under the radar is an interesting and often funny tome called, ‘Why is the penis shaped like that?’   Author Jesse Bering admits that he has been obsessed with his ‘willy’ for as long as he can […]

German football flying the flag

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The fight against homophobia in football has taken a positive turn over in Europe where second division German club St Pauli has announced that they will fly the rainbow flag, symbolising gay pride, permanently at their Hamburg stadium.   “The club has been active for many years against homophobia and discrimination,” said St Pauli vice-president […]

A Little Gay History

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The British Museum is publishing A Little Gay History by curator R. B. Parkinson. The book draws on around forty objects in the museum’s collection ranging from ancient Egyptian papyri to works by modern artists including David Hockney and Bhupen Khakhar to look at same-sex desire across 11000 years and across world cultures. It is […]

International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia

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Each year, since 2004,  17th May marks the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (“IDAHO”) around the world. In over 100 countries on all continents, activists and their allies are mobilizing. 1.5 billion people still live under regimes that deny the simple right to love. 45 million people, the size of the population of Spain, […]

Former Commonwealth human rights head to Chair the Kaleidoscope Trust

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Dr Purna Sen, Head of Human Rights at the Commonwealth Secretariat from 2008 until 2011, has been elected as chair of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) human rights charity   The Kaleidoscope Trust. Dr Sen is currently Deputy Director of the Institute of Public Affairs at the London School of Economics. She was previously […]

Book – What’s Wrong with Homosexuality?

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Is homosexuality unnatural? Does the Bible condemn it? Are people born gay? Should it matter either way? John Corvino approaches such questions with precision, sensitivity, and good humour. In the process, he makes a fresh case for moral engagement, forcefully rejecting the idea that morality is a ‘private matter’. Instead of shrinking away from the […]


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For some gay footballers the worry about coming out is the main thing that prevents such action. Will their team mates accept them? Will the sponsors support them? Will the fans get on their backs (!!!)? Thankfully, there are no such worries for one group of such sportsmen… A weekend of drinking and gaiety is […]

Cardinal O’Brien should apologise to gay community

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Keith O’Brien urged: Repent your homophobia Estimated 40% of Catholic priests are gay, including top clerics “Cardinal O’Brien’s confession falls well short of what we expect from a spiritual leader. I urge him to show true remorse for his homophobia and hypocrisy by saying sorry to the gay community for the hatred he has stirred […]

Bent Bites

  IDAHO DAY The 17th May is IDAHO Day, so what does that mean? It is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. In countries all over the world, there are events calling for the universal decriminalisation of homosexuality and equal human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Idaho is supported by […]

Mrs Brown’s Gay Boy

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Mrs Brown’s Boys is a comedy sitcom on BBC One, created by and starring Irish writer and performer Brendan O’Carroll. Although Mrs Brown and her boys (and girls) is new to the UK comedy scene, the show has been around in one form or another since 1992, when it started life as a radio comedy […]

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