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Dr Christian asks: Cure me, I’m Gay

0e01fb1c-017e-48c7-a4f1-5d9397e607f0_625x352In this one off documentary Dr Christian Jessen will explore the motives and practices behind therapies that offer to change people’s sexuality. He asks if it is possible to ‘cure’ homosexuality and will boldly undertake some of these ‘cures’ to see if he can change his sexual preference.

Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’m Gay will follow Dr Jessen on his extraordinary and sometimes shocking journey as he looks at past and present therapies in both the UK and USA that offer to ‘cure’ gay people who are desperate to be straight.

During his career Dr Christian has encountered patients who are uncomfortable with their sexual orientation and desperate for change. In an attempt to understand their needs he seeks to find out what’s on offer for these people and discover whether or not these ‘cures’ are effective.

With his medical background and as an openly gay man, he’ll be boldly undertaking some of the ‘cures’ himself and will explore whether it really is possible to be ‘cured’ of homosexuality. He will also be considering whether these practices are harmful – physically and emotionally – to the desperate men and women who try them.

In a fascinating twist, Dr Christian will also assess his own sexuality to see how gay or straight he is. In order to do this, he’ll take part in a scientific sexuality test using an eye tracker and penile plethysmograph at the Cornell University, New York, USA.

After weeks of intense therapy will Dr Christian be ‘cured’ and will the ex-gay leaders rise to his challenge to take the sexuality lie detector test?

This bold and challenging documentary will ask what these extraordinary practices tell us about 21st century attitudes towards homosexuality, medicine, psychology and sexual identity.

Transmission: Tuesday 18th March, 10pm, Channel 4