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Smother – breaking the taboo of homosexuality in hiphop

unnamed   Challenging the taboo that persists in urban dance around presenting stories of homosexuality, choreographer Andrea Walker directs a cast of seven in a fast-paced, intimate performance about the relationship between two young men.

Can you stay true to yourself, when everything suggests you change? 201’s raw, contemporary hip-hop movement comes to the UK in Smother: a story of two people’s broken encounter touching on themes of addiction, obsession, and the true meaning of commitment. The show uses fast-paced, hard-hitting choreography and follows a number of relationships to raise questions about companionship and identity. Having repeatedly found that hip-hop lacks powerful gay voices, 201 present a bold, provocative show that brings a new voice to the urban dance scene. After acclaimed performances in New York, this will be 201 Dance Company’s debut outing in the UK. During development, 201 will be working with Metro Centre, a leading gay advocacy and men’s health organization, to bring stories of a gay experience to new audiences.image00

201 Dance Company is a new company bringing together experienced artists and producers to create daring new work that is socially responsive and accessible. The artists share a drive to tell stories that matter and give a voice to underrepresented groups, while bringing striking and original dance to diverse audiences. They are driven to confront controversial issues and challenge social prejudices, and through ‘Smother’ will begin to partner with advocacy and outreach charities to use exceptional dance theatre as a vehicle for engaging audiences in topical social issues.

Smother – 201 Dance Company, Zoo Venues, 140 The Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9RR

Fri 7th – Sat 22nd August

Box office: / 0131 662 6892