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Fitness First  By Les Lea

Fitness First By Les Lea    I was never fitter than the time I was trying to impress someone. He was younger than me, taller and much better looking. He was also a friend and an avid gym goer. So, when he asked if I wanted to join him as his training partner I jumped at the chance. Up until that moment my total ... [Read more]

Glute Salute

Glute Salute   Booty Poppin’ & Jaw Droppin’ GLUTES!   Just when you thought only doing THREE exercises would be EASY! This routine is anything but that! If you want GLUTES that are going to be TIGHT and TONED, then you need to work for them! But that doesn’t mean you need to hit ... [Read more]

Interview: Samuel Kneen – Mr Gay UK

Interview: Samuel Kneen – Mr Gay UK What made you enter Mr Gay UK this year? My friends persuaded me, and I thought it might help with my confidence. I’ve been going to the gym a lot for the past year. How did you feel when you won the heat? Ecstatic, I couldn’t believe it! It was a huge surge to my confidence, which I’ve ... [Read more]

Introducing; Mr Gay UK

Introducing; Mr Gay UK From Bristol to Birmingham, from Derry to Dundee this year saw the return of Mr Gay UK after a three year gap. All over the country heats took place, scouring the nation to find the first Mr Gay UK of the decade. After three months that man was Samuel Kneen, a 22 year-old hairdresser from Cardiff ... [Read more]


BACK TO BASICS     By William Clark Images courtesy: James Tudor is going back to basics with the launch of their new boot camp inspired athletic gear.  The sophisticated tailored briefs, tanks and sweats are designed specifically for athletic frames – combining comfort with style ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Car Horn

Johan’s Blog – Car Horn It’s a good idea to own your own car – especially in the Czech Republic. I’m not talking about personal status or even the ability to drive from A to B. That all pretty much goes without saying. I’m talking about having sex in the car – and, of course, a car’s pretty much an essential ... [Read more]

Hairy palms time

Hairy palms time The truth about masturbation. It’s one of those activities that can be both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. For a young male (and possibly for a young female) that first experience can be frightening, surprising and confusing… but brilliant because it might just help us get to sleep ... [Read more]

Fit Farms

Fit Farms by Bent Editor Gordon Hopps For most people, feeling comfortable in ‘their own skin’ is what makes them who they are. Sometimes, that comfort creeps up on them when they aren’t looking and suddenly they realise that, well, they no longer feel that comfortable anymore. Quite rightly, not ... [Read more]

The Stud Advantage

The Stud Advantage By Mark Gray It’s no secret we are a culture consumed by image. Consider the following: over his career, a good-looking man will make £100,000s more than his least-attractive counterpart. It’s called the “beauty premium”: the idea that pretty people, whatever their aspirations ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog: Fit – to drop!

Johan’s Blog: Fit – to drop! I always thought that I was quite fit. After all, I go to the gym three times each week to lift weights. Then twice a week I do kickboxing, which I even undertook on a professional basis a few years back. Plus all of the mountain biking I do through the countryside on the weekends. Oh yes, and not ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog: March 2011

Johan’s Blog: March 2011 At last the winter’s over – thank God!! Here in the mountains of the Czech Republic we still have between 50 – 100cms of snow lying on the ground, but it is starting to thaw now that temperatures are constantly above 5 degrees. So with spring on the way it’s time to check your body and ... [Read more]


Swimming Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Because the density of the human body is very similar to that of water, the water supports the body and less stress is therefore placed on joints and bones. Swimming is frequently used as an exercise in rehabilitation after injuries or for those with disabilities ... [Read more]

Fitness: Don’t get the autumnal blues

Fitness: Don’t get the autumnal blues OK… summer maybe coming to a close but there are still those winter holidays to be taken and you still want to look good and maintain a shape you can be proud of… just adjust your programme to fit your schedule. Many people have very busy schedules and find it difficult to finish their ... [Read more]

Get Motivated

Get Motivated Motivation has a massive role in a successful exercise programme. We all know the benefits of exercise-lowered body-fat, increased strength, injury prevention, cholesterol and blood pressure reduction, and osteoporosis prevention just to name a  small few. So, why is it so difficult to find the ... [Read more]

Fitness: Will it work for you?

Fitness: Will it work for you? Have you ever thought to yourself why lot's guys keep packing the mass on every year while others seem to take one step forward, and then three steps back? "The Secret" to achieving continuous gains without setbacks is not found in a supplement, a routine or a drug. It's all a matter of sticking ... [Read more]

Fitness – It’s all about time management

Fitness – It’s all about time management It’s all about time management I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. Maybe because it seems like I have less of it every week to do the things that I really want to do and accomplish goals much quicker. Maybe because I want to free more up to spend with my 2 dogs Raffi and Stella. Maybe ... [Read more]

Aiming to get men more active!

Aiming to get men more active! Aiming to get men more active! This year, the annual National Men's Health Week 14th-20th June, organised by the Men's Health Forum, will encourage men and boys to be more physically active. From relieving stress and anxiety to losing weight and reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes ... [Read more]

Story – Taking Photos

Story – Taking Photos Just home from his basic training the new trooper relaxed on the beach, his short hair, newly defined body and slightly aggressive attitude picking him out as a 'newbie' soldier. He did look unobtainable but as he wasn't even 20, hadn't quite got all the other soldierly moves and postures right yet ... [Read more]

Fitness with Jarrett James

Fitness with Jarrett James Ectomorph: The Hard Gainer Do you have light bone structure, small joints, and find it hard to gain weight/muscle? You are probably an ectomorph/hard gainer Do you watch your carbohydrate intake too much? Do you just eat complex carbohydrates? Do you go low carb/high protein? Do you? Forget ... [Read more]

Stress relief

Stress relief There are many people who suffer from stress on a daily basis. Our Armed Forces in Afghanistan is an extreme, while at the other end, some people can get stressed out over what to wear or have for lunch. Stress can make us act in a volatile way, it can also render us useless, making even getting ... [Read more]

Dressed for success.

Dressed for success. By Aamyko He called and said his train was running about and hour late. So I had a bit more time to get ready for my first encounter with a full-fledged gay porn star, Dillon actor, Dillon got into the adult industry in 2006 and quickly shot to fame with his sexy mysterious demeanor ... [Read more]

Keeping in shape this winter     by Jarrett James

Keeping in shape this winter by Jarrett James So then Boyz, you wanna know the secret to looking great next summer! It's easy and very simple. The best way to get in shape for summer, is to stay fit through winter. Hear are my 8 tips to keeping you in shape this cold and rainy winter. 8. Go Shopping - Walk at indoor locations like shopping ... [Read more]

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