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Fitness: Will it work for you?


Have you ever thought to yourself why lot’s guys keep packing the mass on every year while others seem to take one step forward, and then three steps back? “The Secret” to achieving continuous gains without setbacks is not found in a supplement, a routine or a drug. It’s all a matter of sticking to a basic set of common-sense rules that help keep you on the gaining track. Let me take you through them one by one. It’s not rocket science, and you’ve probably heard some of this before. Put it all together and stay on the right course, and you’re guaranteed to get results. I promise!

1: Don’t Injure Yourself

This seems so obvious. If you tear a muscle, you will not be able to train it properly. And worse yet, you may have to stay out of the gym for a month to let it heal, which will make you slide back considerably. The good news is that it is relatively easy to regain lost mass, but this is where many guys repeat their mistake. They either start training again before the injury is fully healed, or they are so eager to get back in the swing of things that they immediately pick up with the same amount of weight they used before. Either way, you’re back to square one. The remedy is simple enough: check your ego at the door, focus on good form and listen to your body. Don’t jerk or bounce the weights. 1 Rep Max attempts should be done very sparingly, if at all. If your joints are aching, it may be a good idea to cut them some slack. Training smart is more important than lifting heavy.

2 : Go With What Works For You

All  the magazines you read are filled with workout routines, fads and specific exercises that such-and-such bodybuilder swears by. Well boyz, guess what? If deadlifting hurts your lower back, it is totally irrelevant that a pro gets excellent results from deadlifting. There will always be those who don’t benefit from certain exercises. Some typical examples besides Deadlifts:  Squats, barbell curls with straight bar kills the wrists in some people. Behind-the-neck lat pulls forces those with stiff shoulders to hunch over and rob the lats from a large part of the load. While dips can be beneficial to tricep-development for some, others only seem to hit their pecs and delts. You probably know a few exercises that just don’t feel right, even though you use textbook form. They either hurt in a negative way (as opposed to the positive pain you get from exhaustion) or you may just not feel anything at all in the targeted muscle. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you – the exercise itself isn’t working for you. Simply put, don’t listen to the all the dogma – use your own head and reject exercises that won’t do it for you. If your training partner happens to like one of your “bad” exercises, try to find a compromise, or simply agree to do those particular sets on different machines.

Goodluck boyz!