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Fitness – It’s all about time management

fitness - june

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. Maybe because it seems like I have less of it every week to do the things that I really want to do and accomplish goals much quicker. Maybe because I want to free more up to spend with my 2 dogs Raffi and Stella. Maybe because lack of time is the biggest reason I get from fitness clients and the people I train on why they are not reaching their fitness goals. Goals I know they are capable of triumphing over.

Like the many friends, family, fitness clients around me I seem to hear the lack of time excuse way too much and I seem to use it way too much myself. We have 24 X 7 or 168 hours a week and what we do with it, and how we manage it everyday, has a lot to do with the quality we can squeeze out of life… and where we end up years down the road. So, I am challenging myself, and I would challenge you, to minimize the “lack of time excuse”, especially when it comes to exercise. Kind of a stupid excuse nowadays anyway. After all, who doesn’t lack time? We are all on an even playing field in this area. Mobile phones, palm pilots, the Internet and all of this new technology available at our finger tips and we still can’t seem to free up more time. Generally, I see many people over committing to their exercise plan and instead of trying to just keep getting on base many are eager to try to knock the ball out of the park every time.

This month/week outlaw the “I don’t have time” excuse when it comes to exercise and the other things in your life that are important to you but you don’t spend enough time doing. Spend this week mapping out your fitness like you do your job and the rest of your life. Put it down on paper and execute it. Don’t over commit yourself to time robbing events or things that you don’t get much out of and make sure you fit your exercise in. I have found that you come out way ahead on this deal because your brain and body seems to work much better when you do and you feel much better about yourself after you knock down each workout. When your week is over reflect on what worked and what you need to fine-tune and then reset for the next week. A few weeks of that and you will be surprised where it can take you.