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meat is a gay pinup print ‘zine’ featuring the very personal work of London based editorial photographer Adrian Lourie ( An idea formed over a greasy spoon fry-up one hung-over Sunday afternoon, meat was inspired by BUTT magazine and Adrian’s desire to publish a printed magazine in the face of a culture dominated by online […]

Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2014 lists the gay-friendliest travel destinations worldwide!

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 The international travel guide for the gay community, which has been published on an annual basis for the last 40 years, informs its readers about the legal situation for gays and lesbians in each of the 138 countries listed in the guide. The editorial staff stands in regular contact with the Foreign Office, the foreign […]


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The Young Enigma Awards is a nationwide search to find the LGBT+ voices of tomorrow. The awards include: The Barbara Burford Prize (18-35yrs and from the UK) The Allan Horsfall Prize (13-25yrs and from Greater Manchester) Join our open workshops to kickstart your writing: 5th and 26th April, 2-4pm at Manchester Central Library (free to […]

Book Review: Secrets Make You Sick

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Many people live their lives desperately holding onto a secret. Abused as a child? Living with HIV? Addicted to crack cocaine? Being gay in a country where homosexuality is illegal? Well Trevor Kleinhans has lived his life with all of the above, and the remarkable story of how holding onto his secrets caused his life […]

Art with Character online, sexy and free.

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Now in its 11th edition, French art online magazine Character is a vision of Gallic flair that offers some quite fantastic artwork from some of the best artists from the USA, Spain, France , Belgium and the UK. CHARACTER Issue 11 Winter 2014 features artists Some French Guy, Full Mano, Wim Beullens, Manolo Yanes, Paul […]

Book Review – The latest from Armistead Maupin

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The Days of Anna Madrigal For many, especially in the States, the Tales of the City series of books has been a history of the modern gay movement. The series of ‘tales’ has taken the reader on a voyage where we have almost invested as much love and commitment to each character, as we would […]

Book – 100 Reasons to Love Ryan Gosling

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Actor. Director. Musician. Heartthrob. Feminist icon (sort of). There’s only one Ryan Gosling. Women want him. Men want to be him.  Most Tumblr blogs are about him. No mere Hollywood pretty boy, he’s a model of sensitive masculinity, symbolic of everything modern manhood should aspire to. Did you see The Notebook? Exactly. Filled with edgy […]

Book – The Chosen: Male/Male Fantasy Romance

November 13, 2013 by  
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Annette Gisby’s powerful new novel is already resonating with a growing female audience interested in same-sex fictional romance. Thrusting readers into two worlds recovering from a fierce war, ‘The Chosen’ is gripping proof that love has many faces. Whilst many believe that male/male love stories only appeal to a gay audience, hundreds of thousands of […]

Tales from the Dance Floor by Craig Revel Horwood

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Following on from his warm and witty autobiography All Balls and Glitter , Craig Revel Horwood now turns the spotlight behind the scenes with Tales from the Dance Floor . Full of sensational stories from his life on and offstage, this book is frank, funny and revealing. As any fan of Strictly Come Dancing will […]

Book Review – The Lengths

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What a weird and fascinating book this is. It’s a comic telling a real story, not one of superheroes or phantasmagorical lands far away, but a coming of age drama set against the rent boy scene. It could have been called ‘Doing it doggie style’ and I’ll tell you why… All the characters have doglike […]

Book – Why is the penis shaped like that?

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  A book that has been out for a couple of months now but seems to have slipped under the radar is an interesting and often funny tome called, ‘Why is the penis shaped like that?’   Author Jesse Bering admits that he has been obsessed with his ‘willy’ for as long as he can […]

Gizmo – The Soundbook

For those gadget nutters out there we have yet another gizmo that will make you wonder how you managed life without it… or at least give you another idea for the upcoming prezzy- giving season. The Bayan Soundbook™ is a portable wireless speaker with an integrated FM radio, built-in microphone for conference calling and a […]


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BooQfest – the quirky, quintessentially queer quest for works by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender authors is back again in Northampton this September. Over a dozen authors, journalists, storytellers, screenwriters and playwrights both local and national, will be making the Royal & Derngate Theatres in Northampton their destination point from 13th – 15th September. Offering […]

Book – Full Frontal by Dylan Rosser

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Dylan Rosser is one of the most renowned photographers of erotic male images. His works touch us because of the sensitivity of his view and the clarity of his compositions. Originally from South Africa, Dylan Rosser started his career in the graphic design field, working on various lifestyle magazines in Cape Town. Starting out as […]

Out In The Army – My Life as a Gay Soldier

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James Wharton joined the British Army in 2003 when he was just 16. From a young age he had always wanted to be a soldier and James tells, in no uncertain terms, the joys and problems he faced when he began to come to terms with his burgeoning homosexuality while a member of the military. […]

The Art of the Climax!

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cum! the complete guide to orgasm Micha Schulze & Christian Scheuss Forget that old prejudice about men only wanting to finish quickly and get it over with. Among gay men, there is a strong desire for intense, intimate and lasting sex. The average male orgasm lasts 12.2 seconds. Learn to experience this short time to […]


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By Robert Silman and Steven Froelich This novel was written in the 1990s at the height of the AIDS scare when the gay community particularly, faced the paranoia that surrounds a life-threatening incurable and untreatable disease. One of the central ideas of the book was, then, a piece of science-fiction: the novel asks why one […]

Eurovision Song Contest Dress-up Sticker Book

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Fun-loving fans of the Eurovision Song Contest will delight in this creative and hilarious sticker book. Use over 120 reusable stickers to recreate classic Eurovision costumes, or mix and match the outrageous hairstyles, glitter jumpsuits, platform shoes and sequined miniskirts from decades of camp, glitzy and disco-fabulous contestants of the hallowed Eurovision stage to construct […]

Book – ‘Toto, I Don’t Think We’re In Golders Green Anymore!

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Andrew Reid’s experiences tell a compelling cross-cultural story. As a powerful reflection on his youth, told with bold courage and honesty, his story still remains hugely relevant today. ‘Toto, I Don’t Think We’re In Golders Green Anymore! Five Butt-Clenching-Nail-Biting-Hysteria-Inducing Years in Israel’ depicts Reid’s travels to Israel young man. After falling in love with a […]

Book – What’s Wrong with Homosexuality?

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Is homosexuality unnatural? Does the Bible condemn it? Are people born gay? Should it matter either way? John Corvino approaches such questions with precision, sensitivity, and good humour. In the process, he makes a fresh case for moral engagement, forcefully rejecting the idea that morality is a ‘private matter’. Instead of shrinking away from the […]

Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury

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This has to be the feel-good story of recent weeks, even if it is over 30 years out of date. In the Sunday Times serialization of comedienne Cleo Roccos’s new memoir ‘The Power of Positive Drinking’, she says that Queen’s singer Freddie Mercury once dressed Princess Diana up in male drag to get her into […]

Special Nobody – Gay Literature

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Author Brendan Spratt was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Although his father was heavily involved in the local Gaelic football club, Brendan’s mother recognised he was far too fabulous to get dirty on a pitch and instead enrolled him in the Billie Barry stage school. Leaving school, Brendan worked as a professional dancer while […]

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