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Character is the key

Character-13-Cover-BCHARACTER is the fancy, up itself, international Gay Art magazine of images and emotions… but it has every right to be so…

Created in July 2011 by Eric Lanuit and ART+GAY PUBLICATIONS, CHARACTER is first of all about the images, the emotions they create and the stories they tell. Fairy tales, fashion, sex, travels, dreams, sports, fights, events and more: CHARACTER has it all!

tumblr_nmqtujMJ2G1rxgcdmo1_1280736a25_eecf7a0f83044108b154f37ff01ef7ea_jpg_srz_p_296_420_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Each edition, special edition or allied magazine (such as the impossibly arousing BE YOUR DOG) will add a dimension to your gay and erotic life that others mags like to write about but rarely deliver. Unapologetically horny, confident in its execution CHARACTER offers its pages to well-known contributors , artists as well as new talents from around the world.


Check out the CHARACTER website for more info.