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Book – Robot Takeover

Ana-Matronic-Robot-Takeover   In the not too distant future, mankind faces the possibility of being overthrown by its own creations.

In Robot Takeover, Ana Matronic presents 100 of the most legendary robots and what makes them iconic – their creators, purpose, design and why their existence has shaken, or in some cases, comforted us.

You may recognise the name and yes, it is she… Ana Matronic is the American singer with chart-topping band Scissor Sisters and, as her name might suggest, she has a lifetime’s infatuation with all things robotic.starwars

Through 100 iconic robots – from Maria in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to the Sentinels of The Matrix and beyond, via the Gunslinger (Westworld), R2-D2 (Star Wars) etc. – this is a comprehensive look at the robot phenomenon. As well as these 100 entries on specific robots, there are features on the people who invent robots, the moral issues around robot sentience, and the prevalence of robots in music, art and fashion, and more.

With fighters, seducers and psychos in their ranks, it’s best you get ready for the robot revolution.

The book is lavishly illustrated and you’re sure to find at least one robot you can relate to, hope to possess or at least have as a friend/protector.

‘Robot Takeover’ by Ana Matronic is published by Cassell Illustrated in September, £14,99