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The Irrepressibles: Nude – live in London

The Irrepressibles: Nude – live in London homo-iconic @ The Forum, Kentish Town  The Irrepressibles are to perform their acclaimed show Nude for the first time in London on Wednesday 19 November. The performance will bring together The Irrepressibles three Nude EPs – Nude: Landscapes, Nude: Viscera, and Nude: Forbidden – for the ... [Read more]

Grayson Perry: Who Are You?

Grayson Perry: Who Are You? A striking display of new works by artist Grayson Perry, interspersed among the nineteenth and twentieth century Collections of the National Portrait Gallery, will open on Saturday 25 October 2014 Sponsored by Coutts. Focusing on the theme of identity, Grayson Perry’s new portraits – which include ... [Read more]

Sleeping Booty! … all it takes is a prick!

Sleeping Booty! … all it takes is a prick! London’s No1 adult panto returns to Leicester Square Theatre in triumph! More panto records will be smashed as the creators of the critically acclaimed DICK!, West End’s longest running camp, cult, romp, are back with yet another filthy and festive frolic... SLEEPING BOOTY! The Evil Mangelina ... [Read more]

Almost Naked – Andrew Christian

Almost Naked – Andrew Christian With the Twittersphere going ape about the latest Andrew Christian designs, perhaps you might need to think ahead for buying that personal, something special for Christmas. With a wide range to choose from and new designs hitting the streets monthly, Andrew Christian is one of the most popular brands ... [Read more]


DISCOPATH at DISCO This year, in honour of the world’s favourite hallowed holiday, and the decade in which not only DISCO was born, but also in which some of the best and most iconic horror films were ever created, on Friday 31st October, DISCO will be screening a spine-chilling and famously frightening, 70s style cult ... [Read more]

Travel – Man oh man oh Manchester!

Travel – Man oh man oh Manchester! Adrian Gillan hits Canal Street in manic Manchester.  Arguably the gayest street on Earth - amidst arguably Earth’s most perfectly-proportioned queer quarter!  Sights  But first, on arrival - before all-things-gay - do take a quick look around! Browse Manchester Cathedral, Manchester Town ... [Read more]

Video: The Gays – The family that gays together, stays together

Video: The Gays – The family that gays together, stays together Rod Gay and Bob Gay-Paris are the streetwise gay mentors you never had. Come revel in the raunchy wisdom they pass along to their two gay sons. Wouldn’t it be great if your parents taught you how to hold your own in a fag-eat-fag world? Rod Gay and Bob Gay-Paris are the streetwise gay mentors you ... [Read more]

Confession: Rubber Pants

Confession: Rubber Pants I’ve just bought a pair of rubber ‘bummer’ pants… I don’t know if you’ve heard of them but I was on one of the auction sites and noticed them while I was searching for underpants. They sounded right pervy: rubber with a built in dildo and sheath and lately I’ve found myself fantasizing ... [Read more]

Bent America – The ‘Da Bop’ lady is back.

Bent America – The ‘Da Bop’ lady is back. Electronic music's best-kept secret, Sophia Lolley, set the international dance floor ablaze two years ago with the release of "Da Bop”, her English language interpretation of WTF!’s cover of Irena Santor's 1968 novelty hit "Piosenka O Sąsiedzie". EDM fans from all around the world began clamouring ... [Read more]

Conversion of civil partnerships into marriages

Conversion of civil partnerships into marriages By Jonathan Cailes    Couples in a civil partnership will have the option to convert it into a marriage before Christmas once regulations laid before Parliament yesterday are approved. This landmark change means couples in existing civil partnerships will be able to convert them into a marriage ... [Read more]

Manifesto for Secularism – Against the Religious Right

Manifesto for Secularism – Against the Religious Right Secularism is vital for the defence of democracy, equality & human rights “The launch of the Manifesto for Secularism is a challenge to the global rise of the Religious Right and its menacing values, which threaten women, LGBTs, atheists, minority faiths, apostates and many others,” said human ... [Read more]

“Sinfully Addicted”.

“Sinfully Addicted”. Autumn is here! Addicted is pleased to present Sinfully Addicted, a brand new and wicked campaign, produced in collaboration with BelAmi and its stars. Production took place in the romantic city of Budapest, Hungary, in the same locations where this well-known gay porn production company shoots its ... [Read more]

Travel – Swede extremes are made of these!

Travel – Swede extremes are made of these!  One-man pillage Adrian Gillan ram-raids buzzing Stockholm’s blue-eyed blonds before heading north to the unique, remote Treehotel in Lapland, high up on the Arctic Circle! If variety is the spice of life then what more spicy than to discover the extremes of sexy Sweden’s “Urban-Nature” ... [Read more]

Epic Malachi

Epic Malachi by Tom Teitjen One Friday every month at London’s Club Pulse (No 1 Invicta Plaza, Southbank, SE1 9UF), fabulous characters from all walks of gay glitterati converge on EPIC, the spectacular event produced by Manhattan power promoter Michael Theriault.  On Friday, 24th October, the club will become ... [Read more]

Sauna Etiquette

Sauna Etiquette Gay saunas have once again become the focus of attention. One group appears to want to see the end of these ‘dens of iniquity’, whilst others see them more as a much needed piece of gay culture. The arguments for and against will continue but, for those who have never used one, but would like ... [Read more]

Archbishop of York beset by gay protesters

Archbishop of York beset by gay protesters   The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, was today confronted by gay and Christian protesters as he attended the opening of the restored Archbishop’s Palace at Southwell Minister, Nottinghamshire. They accused him of “victimising, intimidating and bullying” gay Anglican priest Canon Jeremy Pemberton ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – Mind-bender

Bent Fiction – Mind-bender   By G D MaGuire He couldn’t believe it. After all these years, Dr Stewart Logan BSc (Hons), D.Hyp, DipThyp, PNLP, MHS (Acc) had Jimmy Preston, the guy who bullied him at school, as a patient on his couch. It may have been almost 20 years ago but Dr Logan remembered the way Jimmy and his ... [Read more]

First the good news – and then the bad news

First the good news – and then the bad news The good news in the 2013 HIV statistics that have just been released show a decline in the general number of diagnoses, whilst the bad news is that there has been a slight increase amongst gay men. The 2013 stats show: •In the past ten years, new diagnoses amongst MSM (men who have sex with ... [Read more]


Wonderkid Recently, there has been a great deal of publicity about gays in sport and the general opinion was that the public’s perception of this subject was becoming a little more positive. One of the few sports that haven’t got a leading out gay figure is football, and in some ways, it is getting harder ... [Read more]

Gaywise FESTival

Gaywise FESTival On the 10th November the UK’s premier festival for LGBTQI culture returns to venues across London for its seventh year running with a world-class programme of film, dance, art and performance, this year responding to the festival theme of Myths and Mythology. GFEST - Gaywise FESTival® was founded ... [Read more]

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