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Bent Fiction – They said I’d like it.

Bent Fiction – They said I’d like it. By Les Lea  John said I’d like it. Even Evan, who I’d trust with my life, said I’d like it… but I didn’t. Everyone on TV seems to like it and those people online seemed to think it’s just fantastic... but I didn’t. I read advice that said “Start slow, don’t rush it… you’ll ... [Read more]

Maspalomas Pride

Maspalomas Pride Gran Canaria is known as Europe´s largest gay destination and Maspalomas will host the 13th edition of Maspalomas Pride from 8 – 17 May 2015. A week of amazing events such as live shows with international artists, huge parade with over 100.000 visitors, boat excursions, pool parties and much more ... [Read more]

PRIDE – available on DVD

PRIDE – available on DVD Featuring a stellar British cast which includes Andrew Scott (Winner of the BIFA for Best Supporting Actor) and Imelda Staunton (Winner of the BIFA for Best Supporting Actress and Nominee for the BAFTA for Best Actress in a Supporting Role), PRIDE deserves a place in your DVD collection. Inspired ... [Read more]

Book – ‘Days of Love’ Celebrates LGBT History

Book – ‘Days of Love’ Celebrates LGBT History A new book chronicling 2,000 years of same-sex love stories, from Alexander the Great to the latest Literary Award winner, makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  Days of Love, created and Edited by Elisa Rolle, makes inspiring reading and lays to rest the myth that LGBT couples are not capable of ... [Read more]

Pam Ann: Queen of the Sky

Pam Ann: Queen of the Sky Pam Ann, the world’s favourite International Air Hostess and Queen of the Sky, is back in the UK with a brand new show for 2015. Jet setting in direct from sell-out tours in Europe, USA, Australia, Pam Ann will be touching down at one her favourite airports (LHR) this Autumn and embarking on an extensive ... [Read more]

Oscar Wilde and the invention of the modern self-made celebrity

Oscar Wilde and the invention of the modern self-made celebrity “Somehow or other I’ll be famous, and if not famous, I’ll be notorious” ­– Oscar Wilde Today we are all too familiar with ‘self-made celebrities’ such as Katie Hopkins, Kim Kardashian, and Heidi Montag, who rise to fame not because of talent, but for creating a public persona. However ... [Read more]

The Rise and Rise of Body Art

The Rise and Rise of Body Art What do David Beckham, Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie all have in common? Fame and money? No. Well yes, they are all rich and famous, but there is another thing they all share. They all love their tattoos. From rock stars and footballers to supermodels and actors, it seems body art is everywhere you ... [Read more]

Giorgio Moroder Feat. Kylie Minogue

Giorgio Moroder Feat. Kylie Minogue RCA Records and Sony Music have announced that the founder of disco and electronic music trailblazer, Giorgio Moroder will release his brand new single ‘Right Here, Right Now’ featuring Kylie Minogue on 30th January. The song will be taken from his upcoming album (title TBC) – his first solo ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – Half-time Score

Bent Fiction – Half-time Score By Les Lea  The Boss was going through his pre-match pep talk. Nerves were tingling and one or two of the team were going through their usual rituals. Superstition, for some reason, is rife in Premiership football. Some players insist on putting their boots on in a special way, not putting their shirt ... [Read more]

Paloma Faith announces Forest Live tour

Paloma Faith announces Forest Live tour Paloma Faith has announced a welcome return to seven spectacular woodland locations this summer as part of Forest Live, the Forestry Commission’s outdoor concert series, having performed to sell-out crowds in 2013. Paloma’s third album ‘A Perfect Contradiction’ was one of the huge success ... [Read more]

“Pop Saints and Sinners, and Other Stories…”

“Pop Saints and Sinners, and Other Stories…”  “Pop Saints and Sinners, and Other Stories” brings together work from a diverse range of contemporary artists, illustrators and cartoonists, working in different media, and converging on the notion of the pop art portrait of everyday heroes and villains. Pop art interprets the portrait as an ... [Read more]

Confession:  My Video Past

Confession: My Video Past I was interested in reading the confession of John From London, as I am having a similar worrying experience. Many years ago when I was young and just ‘coming out’ a couple of older guys I knew had bought video cameras. As a birthday treat ... [Read more]

The National Festival of LGBT History

The National Festival of LGBT History Manchester is hosting the first ever national festival focused on exploring, exposing, and discussing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) history. The Festival is over five days, and will be at Central Library's Archives, the People's History Museum, and many venues throughout Manchester. It will ... [Read more]

Homosexual Acts – Unfinished Histories

Homosexual Acts – Unfinished Histories On Sunday 15th February 2015 the Arcola Theatre is generously hosting a Benefit event for Unfinished Histories. The event marks the 40th anniversary of the opening of the first gay theatre season in Britain, Homosexual Acts. Seven shows were performed (all by men) opening on 17th Feb 1975; it was ... [Read more]

British LGBT Awards

British LGBT Awards The awards season is upon us. The Golden Globes, the Oscars, the… well, you name it and there is probably an award for it but the only one that matters. So, opening the gold envelope: “And the only winner is…  The LGBT Media Awards, which are designed to showcase individuals and organisations ... [Read more]

Bent USA – Kenyth Mogan unlocks your heart

Bent USA – Kenyth Mogan unlocks your heart Kenyth Mogan was born and raised in Glasgow, Montana. He grew up in a typical All-American home with a typical All-American family. However, he proved to be anything but typical when he came out of the closet at the age of fifteen. After graduating from the University of Montana, he traded country for ... [Read more]

The Only Way Is Gay

The Only Way Is Gay Just thought you might like to have a look at a relatively new site (to me anyway) called . It features a Daily Bulge (as shown), looks for all the sexy shots from the latest movies, models and pop press releases. Has gossip and conversation, web chat, fitness and, if you’re that ... [Read more]

Eurovision Ready

Eurovision Ready Although it meant nothing to Ultravox, Vienna will become the musical focal point when it hosts this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Probably the most watched, loved, hated, talked about, campest, spectacular, stunning and occasionally ‘grotesque’ entertainment show– Eurovision never disappoints ... [Read more]

What a meal – Cucumber, Banana & Tofu

What a meal – Cucumber, Banana & Tofu Sixteen years after Queer As Folk exploded on to the screen, award-winning writer Russell T Davies is back with Cucumber, Banana and Tofu: three new interlinked shows for Channel 4, E4 and online. Cucumber and Banana are two original drama series exploring the passions and pitfalls of 21st century gay ... [Read more]

Grindr Makes a Difference in 2014

Grindr Makes a Difference in 2014 From Fundraising for LGBT Organizations to Increasing Awareness of Health Issues, 250,000+ Grindr Users Worldwide Took Action Now entering its fourth year, Grindr for Equality has succeeded in generating incredible results by mobilizing Grindr users across the globe to bring LGBT equality issues to ... [Read more]

Bent Confession: Photograph

Bent Confession: Photograph   I feel awful and a bit scared. I took some sneaky photographs at a private session I was having and some of them, thanks to my nosey boyfriend snooping around on my computer, have ended up being posted all over the net. The guy I was shagging is a famous sportsman and what he was taking up his butt ... [Read more]

Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters Ian Gelder - Kevan Lannister in the epic TV drama series Game of Thrones - is to play Frankenstein director James Whale and Will Austin is gardener Clayton Boone, who becomes the object of Whale’s obsession, in the world prèmiere of Gods and Monsters at Southwark Playhouse. Frankenstein director ... [Read more]

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