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Rainbow Christmas Market in Vienna

Rainbow Christmas Market in Vienna For the first time ever, a Christmas and New Year’s Eve market will be held under the motto "Queer, Pink & Proud" in December 2014. The location fits: The first Christmas market for gays and lesbians will be set up in the heart of Vienna’s gay and lesbian area in the 6th district, by the U4 ... [Read more]

TOWIE Star Ricky Rayment Launches Hot New 2015 Calendar

TOWIE Star Ricky Rayment Launches Hot New 2015 Calendar  Ricky Rayment stars in the popular ITV series The Only Way Is Essex. His good looks and cheeky personality quickly led him to be a fan favourite. Now Ricky is excited to present his first ever calendar and shares his thoughts on Christmas, his favourite time of the year.  What inspired you to do ... [Read more]

Homosexuality may help us bond

Homosexuality may help us bond Homosexual behaviour may have evolved to promote social bonding in humans, according to new research. The results of a preliminary study provide the first evidence that our need to bond with others increases our openness to engaging in homosexual behaviour. Dr Diana Fleischman, of the University ... [Read more]

Confession – First Gay Experience

Confession – First Gay Experience I must confess that at the age of 24 I recently had my first experience of gay sex. I’d strained a muscle at my local gym and went to a sports masseur to see if they could ease the pain a little. I was expecting a woman to do the massage and was shocked when this guy walked in and told me to strip ... [Read more]

Michael Sam – GQ Man of the Year

Michael Sam – GQ Man of the Year  “If I had it my way, I never would have done it the way I did, never would have told it the way I did,” Michael Sam tells GQ’s Andrew Corsello of his decision to come out prior to the NFL draft. “But the recruiters knew, and reporters knew, and they talked to each other, and it got out. If ... [Read more]

Podcasts on sexual health

Podcasts on sexual health Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) researchers have launched a series of podcasts for the UK’s first comprehensive network for sexual health researchers. This year’s National HIV Testing Week takes place next week (22nd -29th November), in the run up to World AIDS Day on  1st December. To ... [Read more]

Go to bed with Tom Of Finland

Go to bed with Tom Of Finland Finlayson, one of Finland’s most loved heritage brands and leading textile manufacturer, expands its operations into the UK by launching Tom of Finland by Finlayson, an unprecedented and exclusive collection designed in honour of Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991), world renowned for his vast ... [Read more]

Find Naked Mates On The Move

Find Naked Mates On The Move  Naked Mates, the popular website for men who like to get naked with other men, is now available to use whenever and wherever on your mobile phone.  The new mobile site has a number of features which allow users to make the most of the site on the go.  A clever GPS facility on the site allows users ... [Read more]

‘Over –searching’ online can be detrimental

‘Over –searching’ online can be detrimental Warning: “Over-searching” online can be hazardous to your health – or at least to your relationships at work and at home. The Internet may be a wonderful tool, but new research co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School finds that “over-searching” online can work to a person or organisation’s ... [Read more]

Top 10 Tips for “Coming Out” Gay

Top 10 Tips for “Coming Out” Gay Top 10 Tips for “Coming Out” Gay The person you come out to first should be someone you trust. Ideally an adult who can keep the news in confidence. Good examples are Parents, Teachers, Doctors, Relatives, Counsellors, Team Coaches, Youth Workers and Neighbours. You may tell them in person ... [Read more]

HIV infections continue to rise

HIV infections continue to rise   Public Health England reports greatest number of new diagnoses in gay men The Report published today from Public Health England (PHE) - ‘HIV in the United Kingdom 2014 Report’ – states that in 2013 there was the highest ever number of gay men diagnosed with HIV – 3,250. 1 This is ... [Read more]

Giorgio Moroder – New Material

Giorgio Moroder – New Material RCA Records and Sony Music is honoured to announce that the founder of disco and an electronic music trailblazer, Giorgio Moroder has signed a worldwide deal with Sony Music International and will be releasing his first solo album in over 30 years in spring 2015.  In celebration of the news, Giorgio ... [Read more]


‘GAY BULL’ SAVED FROM SLAUGHTER BY THE SIMPSONS Benjy – the Irish bull facing slaughter for being gay – has had his freedom bought by a Hollywood producer. When he learned from PETA that the bull in County Mayo was being fattened for slaughter after a veterinarian declared his sexual orientation the reason he wouldn't breed, Simpsons co-creator ... [Read more]

Alan Turing’s persecution & on-going UK homophobia

Alan Turing’s persecution & on-going UK homophobia Peter Tatchell writes:   Homophobia is still with us 60 years after the death of Alan Turing. To combat it, education against all prejudice should be a mandatory subject in every school. Movies rarely make me cry but I cried when I watched The Imitation Game. Released today, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch ... [Read more]

Breakup advice

Breakup advice OK, so your last relationship didn’t work out. OK, you’d been together for years but somehow, and you’re not sure how, you drifted apart. OK, this is the second relationship that has failed, and your friends are urging you to 'get back on the horse’ as there are ‘many more fish in the ... [Read more]

La Voix – more than just panto

La Voix – more than just panto La Voix, the breakout star from this past season’s Britain’s Got Talent, is singlehandedly bringing the energy and rawness of the Big Band forties era back to the modern stage.  “It was a time where pure talents shined,” reminisces the world’s newest drag icon.  “When celebrities weren’t ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – Nightmare

Bent Fiction – Nightmare By Les Lea Joe felt groggy as he opened his eyes. His sleep had been a succession of deep and menacing dreams that had left him exhausted and tired. For the past four nights, since he’d made arrangements to meet someone, he’d had these frightening and heavy sexual nightmares that had taken his young ... [Read more]


“UK STANDUP DAY” TO BANISH BULLYING   England rugby World Cup winner Ben Cohen is kicking bullying into touch with a new campaign launched on the anniversary of his father’s death. Ben - whose father Peter lost his life after stepping up to protect someone else  - will encourage people to take to social media to give a united, resounding ... [Read more]

Calendar Boys

Calendar Boys These days you can get a calendar depicting just about anything; from the specialist (think leather, frills, satin & chains) to the cute (man with kitten or hugging a puppy).  There are pop stars, film stars, sports stars and no doubt the chaps at the fire brigade, will all have 2015 calendars available ... [Read more]

Rainbow Barcelona Tours

Rainbow Barcelona Tours The first gay tour guide company in Barcelona Barcelona, Cosmopolitan city and joy of the Mediterranean, is the headquarters of the first private gay tour company in Spain for the LGBT community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals). Rainbow Barcelona Tours opens a brand new informative ... [Read more]

Book – ‘The Complete Guide to Gay Life for New Explorers’

Book – ‘The Complete Guide to Gay Life for New Explorers’ Coming out in 1996 wasn’t easy for author Michael Ryan. There were few resources available to help him through this time. Now working as a counsellor and psychotherapist, Ryan works with gay clients daily. Seeing their struggles inspired Ryan to put together a book to guide them through a time when ... [Read more]

The Circle (Der Kreis)

The Circle (Der Kreis) Winner of the Teddy and Audience Awards at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival, and the Swiss entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, THE CIRCLE captures an extraordinary romance set against the backdrop of Switzerland’s thriving post World War 11 underground gay movement ... [Read more]

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