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Oxballs, Brand of the month!

Oxballs, providing you with all the fun!

We thought it was time to shine some light on one of our best-selling pleasure tool brand, Oxballs.

This brand been very popular for years and with good reason. The people making these tools are entirely focussed on making bedroom action fun and more importantly better! A lot of the products are designed to ensure you stay harder for longer or to make bum fun more intense. The shape and sizes of their products are full or imagination and very much targeted to the fetish scene and those that like it hardcore. A lot of the Oxballs tools are made from their signature FLEX-TPR. This material is squishy and stretchy, yet firm enough to make it feel great. It stretches, so one 1 size fits all, which is ideal.

In addition to the manhood gear they also offer plenty of product to satisfy your behind, no matter how big you like it. Their sheaths are some of the best-selling products followed by the tunnels that are opened ended for easy access. There is not much the team at Oxballs have not though off.

The Oxballs range is so massive that we thought it might be useful to highlight some popular features within the product groups.

Double action gear!

The best-selling action tools are those that offer double support. It keeps your manhood solid and at the same time gives your balls some good swing. The C&B slings are extremely popular and also look very sexy when on. There are many variations of this concept.

Enhancing Oxballs Gear

Oxballs does not only focus on the functionality of products in terms of a better performance they also know how good it is to see something hot that stimulates the brain. Many of their product are designed to ensure your friend down there looks a million dollars. The stretch to fit concept keeps the blood in the right place so it stands to action for a long time. Another range within the Oxballs collection is the bigger bulge range. These are products that are amazing to wear out and show off your stuff. They push everything forward for the world to admire. Excellent stuff to wear when out cruising or just out and about under a snug pair of jeans, the perfect pick-up tools.

Want it bigger?

Even though a lot of the products are targeted to improve performance there are always guys out there that just want more. This need is perfectly answered by the sheath range, one of the products Oxballs are best know for. The sheath collection has everything to satisfy any bottom and they have designed it so that the tops will get extra pleasure as well. These products will increase the width and girth of your manhood. Again made from their signature FLEX-TPR it is easy to slide on. They have a strap that goes around the balls as well. This provides extra stimulation but also ensures the sheath stays on in even the most hardcore sessions.

As far as we are concerned these are 3 great reasons to have a look at the range and see what items fulfil your needs.

Oxballs are forever making improvements to their range so keep and eye out for Bent, the gay shop that wants to provide you with tools for the best possible fun!

If you have any question about the products range, feel free to call or email us. At Bent we have a group of people, each Bent in one way or another, to help you navigate the collection or talk about anything else you want clarity on.

Now, go and get yourself some action! If you want to share your experiences with the world free feel to write about them and email it to us, we can edit if necessary and post on our blog. We will then share this across our platforms for the world to read. So, if you want your stories out there, please contact us. You can do this anonymously if preferred.


Team Bent!