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Johan’s Blog – Everyone… do the Hustlaball

Johan’s Blog – Everyone… do the Hustlaball   This party’s not one for divas. This party’s just about one thing: sex! The Hustlaball in Berlin – the biggest gay party in Europe – is a celebration of lust and cock! Here you can enjoy the hottest guys, the horniest and most explicit shows imaginable – with music thrown in for ... [Read more]

Sex Prolongs Life

Sex Prolongs Life By Les Lea No matter what the church may say… sex is good for you. No matter what your mum and dad may say… sex is good for you and no matter what your partner (who has a headache) says - sex is good for you. So, why not have more? For many years no one had studied the link between sex ... [Read more]

Carry on camping (it up)

Carry on camping (it up) By Alex Wiggan Family Guy’s Stewie. Bungle. The 1960s Batman. Fanny the Wonder Dog. Andy Warhol. Cilla Black even Simon Cowell’s one liners. All of them iconic, all of them loved, all of them camp. Isn’t life great with a dash of camp? It’s not always easy to define, sometimes it’s ... [Read more]

Fitness: Will it work for you?

Fitness: Will it work for you? Have you ever thought to yourself why lot's guys keep packing the mass on every year while others seem to take one step forward, and then three steps back? "The Secret" to achieving continuous gains without setbacks is not found in a supplement, a routine or a drug. It's all a matter of sticking ... [Read more]

Fitness with Jarrett James

Fitness with Jarrett James Ectomorph: The Hard Gainer Do you have light bone structure, small joints, and find it hard to gain weight/muscle? You are probably an ectomorph/hard gainer Do you watch your carbohydrate intake too much? Do you just eat complex carbohydrates? Do you go low carb/high protein? Do you? Forget ... [Read more]

Fitness with Jarrett James

Fitness with Jarrett James What burns more fat - high intensity or low intensity exercises? High intensity is the answer!! High intensity exercise will bring your metabolism to the max levels. Your metabolism will be elevated, you will be burning more calories. Your metabolism will stay elevated for hours after you ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – An American named Turk

Johan’s Blog – An American named Turk The last few weeks have been really busy for me. I’ve been on an extended business trip to Berlin; I’ve performed in a porn movie, I’ve made several videos for my own site, I’ve performed at some of our STAXUS live shows – and, at last, I’ve bought a car! Yes, I’ve finally bought ... [Read more]

Fitness – Be S.M.A.R.T

Fitness – Be S.M.A.R.T So many people find that the most difficult part of their fitness programme is sticking with it. Often we drift from programme to programme, becoming passionately dedicated to step classes one month, then Pilates or yoga the next. Sometimes we drop fitness altogether, opting for life back on the couch ... [Read more]

Fitness with Jarrett James

Fitness with Jarrett James Myth and Truth Working in the fitness industry and being a personal trainer for the past ten years, I’ve been asked every question you can possibly think of. Most of these questions are the results of "fitness myths" people have heard or bought into, and many of these myths are causing you to ... [Read more]

New Body

New Body New Year… New Body Say no to diets There are so many fad diets out there and much of the dietary advice is conflicting. As a rule, it's best to avoid any diet that deviates from these basic principles - not too much fat, not too much dairy, plenty of fruit, vegetables and water. If you find yourself ... [Read more]