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What burns more fat – high intensity or low intensity exercises?


High intensity is the answer!!

High intensity exercise will bring your metabolism to the max levels.
Your metabolism will be elevated, you will be burning more calories. Your metabolism will stay elevated for hours after you stop exercising.
High-intensity training will add more muscle to your body, because of the intensity of training. Also high-intensity exercise promotes a greater release of human growth hormone, which helps the body lose fat and gain lean muscle.
Your muscles will burns more calories at rest, so with more muscle on your body you become a more effective calorie-burning machine, 24-7… 24 hours a day.
High intensity exercise will suppress your appetite while moderate level training may stimulate it.
High intensity training has been reported to trigger hormones that reduce appetite.
The best way to burn fat is to train with high intensity exercises. Why would you waste your time on pilates, yoga and other ineffective training methods?

Now you know all the facts guys what are you waiting for? Go to the gym and train hard. Make sure you have a workout partner or trainer to push you. You will enjoy the results of it.

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