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Sex Prolongs Life

By Les Lea

No matter what the church may say… sex is good for you. No matter what your mum and dad may say… sex is good for you and no matter what your partner (who has a headache) says – sex is good for you. So, why not have more?

For many years no one had studied the link between sex and death however, some early studies had noticed a correlation between masturbation and longevity. Taking this point on-board a group of scientists decided to research further and formed a study group of 918 British men between the ages 45 – 59 and gave them a complete clinical history and asked about frequency of sexual activity.

Over a ten year period these men were monitored and it was revealed that those who were healthier were those with the higher frequency of sex. Those who abstained or had a very low sex drive were more prone to disease. The prognosis was that having sex released chemical in the body that prolonged life, made us look and feel younger and the bottom line… were happier.

In addition to pleasure and its natural erotic connotations, sexual arousal and orgasm can improve respiratory capacity, benefit Cardiovascular system, counter depression and anxiety, help alleviate pain, provide flexibility, strength and muscle tone, reduce symptoms associated with , arthritis and osteoporosis and, as if that were not enough, you achieve significant psychological benefits.

Safe sex is still the message but sex itself is good. Why not try having regular sessions, at least 3 or 4 times a week over the next month and see how you feel. One thing is for certain, if you know you are returning home to a sexy sex session, work doesn’t seem all that bad… especially if he’s going to do that… well, fill in your own fantasy – you don’t need Bent for that.