HIV prevention – 30 years on and still more to do to educate gay men

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Thirty years after the discovery of virus, new research from NAT (National AIDS Trust) reveals that gay men are in the dark about new HIV prevention tools, with knowledge among 16-24 year olds particularly low. Less than half (43%) of the gay men surveyed were aware that PEP, emergency HIV treatment to prevent HIV transmission, […]

My Little Pony bullies

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You may be aware of a recent story of a young 9-year old boy in America being told that he shouldn’t wear his My Little Pony backpack to school because it made him a target for bullying. I read the story and was annoyed for the lad and it made me angry that the ‘bullies’ […]

Dr Christian asks: Cure me, I’m Gay

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In this one off documentary Dr Christian Jessen will explore the motives and practices behind therapies that offer to change people’s sexuality. He asks if it is possible to ‘cure’ homosexuality and will boldly undertake some of these ‘cures’ to see if he can change his sexual preference. Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’m Gay will […]

Ten things to remember for your next blowjob

Teeth It would seem inevitable that if you are going to stick something in someone’s mouth the first obstruction is going to be teeth. At some point you are going to feel those pearly whites grating and grazing on your prize asset and its best if you get someone who is experienced and who knows […]

£500,000 fund to help male victims of rape

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It’s a crime that has gone under-reported for years but now, the ‘taboo’ subject of male rape and abuse is set to receive funding to provide support to victims. TV soap Hollyoaks has recently featured the subject and that has raised awareness in the public domain.  Meanwhile, the latest set of crime figures showed there were […]

Jabs for the Boys

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HPV affects both men and women. HPV is sexually transmitted and can lead to a range of cancers, including anal cancer. Girls are vaccinated. Boys are not. In the face of this rapidly growing health threat, it’s time that changed. This is why GMFA and HPV Action is calling for the Government to extend HPV […]


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  He broke the colour barrier in bodybuilding in the ’70s, and now he’s breaking the age barrier as PETA US’ most senior pin-up promoting vegan eating. According to Wikipedia: Jim Morris (born August 31, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American bodybuilder known for winning competitions over a thirty-year career. Among the titles […]

Top 5 Male Grooming Trends for 2014

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1.      Under Cover Camouflage is the new black when it comes to covering up those grey hairs. Subtle hair tinting which gives a more natural, blended look is in demand.  For the majority of our clients it’s about delaying the signs of ageing rather than eradicating them. What’s important is that the colouring enhances the […]

Senseless Habits To Lose in 2014

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American motivational speaker and author Shawn Anderson takes the idea of “living a life you love” seriously.  With a mission of empowering one million people to lead a more positive and purposeful life, Anderson shares seven senseless habits to let go of in 2014. HABIT #1: Quit hanging out on Facebook. “Facebook is a fun […]

‘Are you HIV aware?’ campaign.

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‘Are you HIV aware?’ following World AIDS Day and the #FactUp campaign, we’d really like to see what gay and bisexual men know! Especially in light of the latest Public Health England findings, that showed that both gay men and GPs were failing in getting themselves/people tested, respectively. There is information and a quiz online […]

Surrogacy – So You Want A Child?

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With an increasing number of married couples as well as same sex couples and single people turning to surrogacy as a means of becoming parents it is important to be knowledgeable about the subject. Surrogacy is an arrangement whereby a woman carries and gives birth to a child for a couple or a single person. […]


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With the introduction of male cosmetics and solution specific grooming ranges, the face of men’s grooming is rapidly changing. Evidence of this is clear in annual review figures from 111 Harley Street which show that visits by male patients to the clinic increased on average by 25% during 2013 for treatments including Botox, Fraxel and […]

Want to be a scrubber before Christmas?

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Starting a post-Christmas detox begins at home with a thorough skin scrub. It removes dead skin cells, gets the blood flowing and stimulates the lymphatic system to detox. Massage it into the skin in vigorous circular movements – shower off and you’re on your way.  The VitaMan Sea Salt Body Scrub also works to eliminate […]

Project 5000 kicks off with National HIV Testing Week

November 21, 2013 by  
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Dean Street at Home is encouraging gay men to order a free, home HIV test to help them reach their target of distributing 5000 testing kits this National HIV Testing Week. Project 5000, run by Dean Street at Home, encourages people to test for HIV by ordering a free, home HIV test through its website […]

Snow fun? Hell Yer – European Gay Ski Week

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Last year, the 5th Anniversary of the European Gay Ski Week, in excess of 1000 people attended, representing 39 different nations.  European Gay Ski Week 2014, now has a line up bigger and stronger than many international gay festivals held every summer across Europe. EGSW – Europe’s Gay Winter Sports and Music Festival, continues as […]

Anti-bullying campaign – by Jonathan Dahl

November 13, 2013 by  
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There are two things I despise more than anything – bullying and homophobia. As a child I was one of those kids who suffered at the hands of bullies and homophobes. When I was young it was mainly bullying in general that I suffered but, as I grew up, not knowing my own sexuality, I was […]

Beds of the future

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We all love our bedrooms….. In fact over two thirds of us (68%) have said this is the room we spend most of our time in. As the bedroom – and the bed in particular – increasingly becomes the ‘hub of the home’, we’re also very clear about what we want from the Bedroom of […]

The quick way to separate rooms

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You know that things are getting bad when your sexy partner, who you cuddle and snuggle up to every bedtime, asks you to spend the night in the other room. ‘Oh God’, you might think,’ he’s going off me, perhaps he’s found someone else, what if he wants this to be a permanent arrangement… I […]

Blow me… bubblegum condoms.

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Who said safe sex was boring? Whether you’re craving rhubarb and custard, pear drops or liquorice allsorts, indulge your sweet tooth with Skins Blow Me Bubblegum condoms. The ultimate way to sweeten your sex life, each Skins Blow Me Bubblegum condom is uniquely infused with the irresistible taste of bubblegum, guaranteed to get your mouth […]

Gay Sports Day

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Photos:  Cheers rang out across the grassy knoll behind the Royal Vauxhall Taverns as sixteen teams competed to take the title of Game of Thrones Gay Sports Day Champions. When the dust settled, only one team stood triumphant, ‘From Russia with Glove’, who not only triumphed in the strongly contested Tug of War, helping […]

Penis Surgery – a growing business

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Some people are obsessed with the size of their penis… and why not? For many men it’s probably the main thing that brings pleasure into their lives. Socially we want it to impress others with the girth and length of our manhood, whilst privately we enjoy knowing just what we’ve got down the front of […]

A different kind of humping

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My partner had been on at me for a while now saying he wanted our sex life to get a bit more exciting. I know we might have been getting a bit boring but I am always worried when he suggests we try something different because it usually means… I will be trying something different. […]

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