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Naked Yoga

We thought there weren’t many positions we hadn’t mastered without clothes on but this viral video has put us to shame. If we knew yoga wasn’t just yummy mummy’s trying not to fart for an hour we’d have made the effort to go to the gym for more than a few bicep curls and bulge-watching.  If you do decide to try this yourselves, make sure you get a good wash off in the sea after. No one wants that kind of friction burn.

After a cold shower, we got to thinking what other sports would be improved by a lack of clothing:

Obviously, the Warwick Rowers have showed us their cox.

We’ve seen the beauty of burning mans naked oil wrestling.

Ultimate Fighting Champion and all round sex god Connor McGregor showed us his ring.

Sheffield Rugby Team showed us their scrummy balls.

If all else fails, you can always make naked yoga even more exciting by doing it in a pair.