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Bent Confession – The Mask

Bent Confession – The Mask Last week was the first time I’d been blindfolded when having sex. It happened at a party in a mates house and wasn’t what I expected. I had admired a leather mask one of the other guys had brought and he invited me to put it on, which I did. It had no eye slits or mouth hole so when he then fastened ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – Majorca Memories

Bent Fiction – Majorca Memories By Les Lea  Seeing Simon again was a huge surprise as we’d been out-of-touch for over 4 years. I was taking a few days break on the island of Majorca and there he was, sat at the end of a bar as I walked in. He was his usual relaxed self, looking very much the retired ex-pat dressed in cream linen ... [Read more]

Confession – First Gay Experience

Confession – First Gay Experience I must confess that at the age of 24 I recently had my first experience of gay sex. I’d strained a muscle at my local gym and went to a sports masseur to see if they could ease the pain a little. I was expecting a woman to do the massage and was shocked when this guy walked in and told me to strip ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – Nightmare

Bent Fiction – Nightmare By Les Lea Joe felt groggy as he opened his eyes. His sleep had been a succession of deep and menacing dreams that had left him exhausted and tired. For the past four nights, since he’d made arrangements to meet someone, he’d had these frightening and heavy sexual nightmares that had taken his young ... [Read more]

Bent Confession: Sporting Bottom

Bent Confession: Sporting Bottom Image:  I feel awful and a bit scared. I took some sneaky photographs at a private session I was having and some of them, thanks to my nosey boyfriend snooping around on my computer, have ended up being posted all over the place. The guy I was shagging is a famous sportsman ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – A safe harbour

Bent Fiction – A safe harbour By Vikram Kolmannskog  The text was first published in Erotic Review Magazine.  He says something about how he’s been meditating a lot lately – meditation was an activity we shared, separately – and that we need to talk. “Break,” he says at some point, and something breaks all right. ... [Read more]

Sleeping Booty! … all it takes is a prick!

Sleeping Booty! … all it takes is a prick! London’s No1 adult panto returns to Leicester Square Theatre in triumph! More panto records will be smashed as the creators of the critically acclaimed DICK!, West End’s longest running camp, cult, romp, are back with yet another filthy and festive frolic... SLEEPING BOOTY! The Evil Mangelina ... [Read more]

Confession: Rubber Pants

Confession: Rubber Pants I’ve just bought a pair of rubber ‘bummer’ pants… I don’t know if you’ve heard of them but I was on one of the auction sites and noticed them while I was searching for underpants. They sounded right pervy: rubber with a built in dildo and sheath and lately I’ve found myself fantasizing ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – Mind-bender

Bent Fiction – Mind-bender   By G D MaGuire He couldn’t believe it. After all these years, Dr Stewart Logan BSc (Hons), D.Hyp, DipThyp, PNLP, MHS (Acc) had Jimmy Preston, the guy who bullied him at school, as a patient on his couch. It may have been almost 20 years ago but Dr Logan remembered the way Jimmy and his ... [Read more]

Bent Confession – My Roomy

Bent Confession – My Roomy I’m a student and I share a house with a group of people; two girls and another guy. The girls are OK but it’s my house-mate that I have problem with. I suppose ‘problem’ is the wrong word because he is two years older than me and plays a lot of sport, especially rugby, and he’s always leaving ... [Read more]

Book – Active Duty – Gay Military Erotic Romance

Book – Active Duty – Gay Military Erotic Romance Active Duty - Gay Military Erotic Romance Edited by Neil Plakcy   These fierce stories of love on the frontline will grab and hold the readers’ attention as they travel the world with these soldiers on Active Duty. Neil Plakcy brings both together into heart-pounding vignettes of men of action ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – What a Day

Bent Fiction – What a Day By Les Lea It was a hot, late September day and I was walking in the park. I’d just been ‘relieved’ of my position at the call centre (for telling a particularly annoying caller to go screw herself) and though I was glad to be rid of that hive they called an office, I was now without any work ... [Read more]

A Look at Rentboys Through History

A Look at Rentboys Through History A Look at Rentboys Through History Written for brainiacs, but also fascinating to laypeople, Male Sex Work and Society (Harrington Park Press), edited by Victor Minichiello and John Scott,is a collection of revealing essays and studies that explores male sex work from a rich array of perspectives ... [Read more]

Bent Confession: Feeling Chicken

Bent Confession: Feeling Chicken I’m 18 and just want to apologise to the nice old guy who I met on a chat line. I was really cruel to him telling him all the things I was going to let him do to me. Strip me down to my briefs (he’d said he had bought some new see-thru sheer nylon boxers he wanted me to wear), to cover me in whipped ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – Score

Bent Fiction – Score Earlier, on this particular Friday, I had managed to get myself a temporary job and to celebrate the fact that now I might actually be earning some money I was determined to have an exceptional weekend and be ready to awake Monday morning filled up with goodwill (or good Harry) and anxious to get back ... [Read more]

Bent Confession – An Army Life For Me

Bent Confession – An Army Life For Me   When I was in the Army I used to use the stripes on my arm to great effect, making the new recruits do exactly as I ordered. They were young and most had no idea what their rights were, all they knew was… obey all orders. When the lads were knackered after a day of exercise, drill or ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – Cut-offs

Bent Fiction – Cut-offs By G Alexander.  Donny looked good in his cut-off shorts… and he knew it. He’d found them in a Thrift store when he was ten and just loved their faded, distressed look even then. Now, at 18, he still managed to squeeze into them and to say they fit him snugly would be an understatement. The well ... [Read more]

Confession – Gay Neighbours

Confession – Gay Neighbours Hi.    I read with interest about the Confession of a young guy obsessed with an older man  so here’s my confession. When I was eight years-old my family moved house to a very nice out-of-town, green estate. Our neighbours were two ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – Filled White Briefs

Bent Fiction – Filled White Briefs By Les Lea      Last Saturday I bought some new white briefs. From the photograph on the package they looked like Calvin Klein briefs, although they weren’t as expensive. In fact, the store was having a sale and I got a pack of three for less than a tenner. As they were a brand I’d never heard ... [Read more]

Confession: Being a living doll

Confession: Being a living doll Since I was a kid I‘ve always been drawn to wearing my sister’s clothes. She was 5 years older than me so had lots of her old clothes around, which she used to great effect. As youngsters she would dress me up when her mates came round and I must have enjoyed it as I don’t ever remember getting ... [Read more]

Online gay art with Character

Online gay art with Character CHARACTER is a fancy international gay art magazine about images, emotions and the stories they tell and with this issue celebrates its third anniversary. Featuring more than 90 artists and contributors, over 340 pages, Character is the first international Gay Art magazine free online and entirely ... [Read more]

Confession – The Kylie Incident

Confession – The Kylie Incident I was at a Kylie Minogue concert a few years back and had managed to get myself quite near the front. However, there were a couple of rows ahead of me as we pressed up against the stage so I wasn’t quite within grabbing distance of our sexy Aussie pop queen. Once she took to the stage there was ... [Read more]

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