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Gay Porn on YouTube!

by Terry Geeprotect-me-from-what-i-want

Seriously; there is gay porn on YouTube!

We were doing our usually troll around the internet when this popped up. Now from time to time you do see something that the bods at YouTube have missed and not yet removed from the site, but this particular channel has been there for seven months. Obviously, closer inspection was needed.

The first video entitled The Hottest Gay Sex is actually the softcore yet titillating intro to NextDoorStudio’s Double Dosage. The guys are hot and playful and is entertaining and stimulating to watch – maybe not great if you’re sitting in a crowed office right now though.

Boys-on-Film-4-DVDThe next was titled Very Amazing Unprotected Gay Sex. Now this we found more than a little misleading. There is no (as far as we know) hardcore sex on YouTube which this title suggests and we think it doesn’t actually do the film justice, although we’re sure this is the reason there have been 2+ million viewers. It’s actually an extract from a film called Protect Me From What I Want, the story of Salem, an Indian student in Leeds who meets a guy called Daz in a gay cruising spot. From just this 12 minute video, we’re hooked.

The sex part is PG13 but that isn’t important. The story and the acting is good and now we want more. The whole film can be found on DVD through Amazon.

So yes, gay porn is available through YouTube. While it may not be hard-core it’s still fun to watch and in cases of the clip above, can make you stop and realise that there is more to life than seeing hot guys go at it for our pleasure… well, apparently there’s more to life. We’ll get back to you on that one!