A Man’s best friend!

Dave, Founder of PinkUk.com listings writes about his relationship with a dog who has a different owner. The female dog has the gorgeously camp name of Lady Madonna. Dave has written an article about how dogs are more intelligent than we think as well as showing almost human personalities.

Dave wrote: “We [Lady Madonna and Dave] got that close she would go crazy each time I would visit and I basically fell in love with her. She would never go more than 10m away from me when out walking. I started to realise that they are much like us, and I started to come to the conclusion that most animals must have the same feelings.

“I started to realise that I was an idiot with my original thoughts about dogs. What good company a dog is for someone that is homeless and down with their luck. I would definitely risk my life to save Lady, ‘My Baby Lady’.

“Her ‘dads’ lets her stay over at mine some nights, which was a great privilege. After her dad Rob, I think I became her second most favourite person.

Read more at https://pinkuk.com/news/features/mans-best-friend/

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