Adult play, hardcore style

I don’t know about you, but I like my play a bit hardcore. Even a bottle of the best poppers in the UK can’t always help me with that, I need proper tools that elevate my action! I have been around the block a few times and what used to do it for me no longer hits the spot. It might sound disgusting but for some things, I don’t even need gay lube anymore, yup, I am one of those! Luckily, I am a sex toys tester for bent.com and have found some great tools that even gave me my kicks. How selfish would I be if I did not share these with you so here goes!

Manhood Pleasure.

Before we proceed it might be useful to know that I am completely versatile so enjoy my pleasures from all ends. I guess that makes me a good toy tester as I can give feedback on gay sex toys from all spectrums. So, the first products I would like to highlight are from Oxballs. They produce premium fuck toys, cockstrap tools and much more, all aimed towards the slightly hardcore market. In particular, I want to mention their Cock Sheaths range. Being of average size I often meet greedy bottoms, so I started trying these sheaths and I love them. For one it turns me into a big-dicked dominator and also, I can see the pleasure on the other guy’s face. One of the main reasons I love topping, with or without a sheath. Personally, I love a bottle of Liquid Gold poppers to intensify the session but that is not for everyone. What is great about the sheaths is that they feel lovely and powerful when wearing them, are easy to put on and have a separate ring to put your balls through for some extra swing on them, heavenly! Give them a go, they provide extra pleasure for both.

Now for your behind   

As mentioned earlier I have had my fair share of sessions and am not ashamed to say I can be a bit of a bucket at times. Don’t get me wrong I am very much in team “it is what you do with it”. Connection, intention and energy are the things that really drive me wild but when I play on my own, I do like a good filler. I love fisting toys, inflatable, and large dildos. Recently I was asked to test a new product for the store, and it got me weak in the knees. It was a realistic rotating dildo from a brand I never heard of called Virgite. Oh, My Goodness! It is not huge in size, mine was 8.5 inches and had a nice girth (there are other sizes). The vibration and rotation on this bad boy are insane! It felt like someone was shaking their maracas in my bum, it truly was an intense sensation and one I have repeated several times since and I am already looking forward to the next session. To ride this beast yourself you can follow this link: rotating dildo.      

Hard play requires good essentials.

It goes without saying that if you take your play up a notch, you need some good essentials to ensure your sessions will be the best they can be. Always start with a good lube. I love hybrid lube myself; they seem to last longer and only have a little silicone in them so as not to damage the sex toys. For extreme anal play, you might want to consider desensitising anal lube to make it more pleasurable unless you are like me and welcome a bit of pain. Another point I wanted to make is that I always feel so much more comfortable after an anal douche, it just frees the mind and keeps the sheets clean!

So, there you have it. A bit too much information about myself but it does not feel too exposing from the safety behind my desk. I hope I have provided some information that makes you want to have a good play with yourself or others. You can find the store details below and it might be good to know that there is a sale at the moment so you can get all your pleasure tools, underwear, sex essentials and poppers at discounted prices.

For tools and gear shop here: https://www.bent.com/

For strong poppers shop here: https://www.poppersupershop.com/

Be the best you!


Team Bent.com

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