Pride Month & Adult Play!

At Bent.com, June is one of our favourite months, as it is Pride Month. For many in our office, this means Party time! A bottle of poppers in your pocket and head out to have some adult fun. I mean you can leave the poppers of course, they are not for everyone. It was more to paint the picture that the time to play has arrived. June should be the beginning of better weather and there are so many LGBTQ+ parties and events on in the UK that it will be difficult to not find one you might enjoy.

What does Pride Month do for you?

This month has a different meaning for many. From fighting for equality, partying the month away or for some, it means avoiding it all together. Everybody has a different relationship with Pride. Here at the office, it is a combination of stepping up their game in the fight for equality and party time. To be honest, it is mainly the party time. We have some proper party boys in our team who mainly think with their manhood and not much else. Trust me, it is a job on its own to keep them concentrated on their job  During Pride month they make good use of their staff discount and stock up on some sexy wear, and to make a good impression they seem to like our crotch enhancing underwear.  Other products that are in high demand with the team are sex essentials like lube, enhancement pills, penis rings and a bottle of room aromas. All this is in preparation for a good adult time at one of the Prides and Fetish Week is also a favourite. In between the parties, going to town during Pride month is also a must. The vibe is different, there is lots of flesh on show and in general it is busier with more people from the UK and the rest of the world ready to engage and have a good time.

Not all about sex

I am fully aware that within the team there might not be a full representation of what Pride is all about. We have come a long way but there are many wins to achieve before we reach equality for the LGBTQ+ community in the UK, let alone internationally. Through sponsorship and volunteering, we try to help as much as we can. But having a young (ish) team it is hard to motivate some to do anything else but chase action. they can be rather relentless. At times I find this frustrating but, on the flipside, they are enjoying the freedom the older generation has secured for them so I should not moan about it, too much.

Better Action for less.

Now, as we are a gay sex shop or more accurately an adult lifestyle store, it would be amiss of me not to mention the amazing offers we have in our online store for you this month. Basically, for a limited time, we have reduced EVERYTHING. Discounts go up to 40%, so now is the time to stock up on your adult toys, sexy wear, Kinky gear and tools, plus sex essentials. Our sister store PopperSuperShop has followed suit with equally amazing deals on all poppers. Come in and have a look, I have listed the store below this article.

This leaves me to wish you an amazing Pride Month filled with laughter, dancing, fun, kindness and of course adult play! Be yourself to the fullest and make sure you look after yourself and others.

Live and Love!

Team Bent

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