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Alan Turing’s persecution & on-going UK homophobia

Alan Turing’s persecution & on-going UK homophobia Peter Tatchell writes:   Homophobia is still with us 60 years after the death of Alan Turing. To combat it, education against all prejudice should be a mandatory subject in every school. Movies rarely make me cry but I cried when I watched The Imitation Game. Released today, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch ... [Read more]

First the good news – and then the bad news

First the good news – and then the bad news The good news in the 2013 HIV statistics that have just been released show a decline in the general number of diagnoses, whilst the bad news is that there has been a slight increase amongst gay men. The 2013 stats show: •In the past ten years, new diagnoses amongst MSM (men who have sex with ... [Read more]

A Night In Paradise

A Night In Paradise As Homer’s Odyssey is to western literature, the Paradise Garage is at the cornerstone of modern dance music and its culture.  Having attained almost mythical status, this groundbreaking club and the man at its musical helm, the legendary Larry Levan, have had a profound and lasting effect on the ... [Read more]

Andy Fraser – Gay Rock Icon

Andy Fraser – Gay Rock Icon Andy Fraser – founding member, bassist and songwriter for ‘70’s superband, Free (‘All Right Now’) - announces the launch of his monumental 17th album entitled ‘On Assignment’, released on 22nd September.   From the album, the poignant conservationist track, ‘This Is The Big One’ ... [Read more]

Querelle – DVD reissue

Querelle – DVD reissue Adapted from Jean Genet's infamous, ground-breaking novel, Querelle of Brest, the final film of celebrated director Rainer Werner Fassbinder's career is a striking, surreal and utterly unique tale of sex and murder that has gone on to become a cult classic. Querelle (Brad Davis) is a sailor on ... [Read more]

‘Are you HIV aware?’ campaign.

‘Are you HIV aware?’ campaign. 'Are you HIV aware?' following World AIDS Day and the #FactUp campaign, we'd really like to see what gay and bisexual men know! Especially in light of the latest Public Health England findings, that showed that both gay men and GPs were failing in getting themselves/people tested, respectively. There ... [Read more]

Cricketers show their support to persons living with HIV

Cricketers show their support to persons living with HIV Players from England and South Africa took time out of their busy schedules this week during the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 to visit organisations in England and Wales and to show solidarity with persons living with HIV. England players James Tredwell, Ravi Bopara and Jos Buttler visited Terrence Higgins ... [Read more]


GLASGAY! 2013 Scotland’s annual celebration of LGBT culture.  Festival runs:  9 Oct - 9 Nov 2013 Founded in 1993, with appearances by Sir Ian McKellen and Rhona Cameron, Glasgay! celebrates its TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY in 2013.  The central theme to the programme will be “LEGACY”.  We will celebrate the ... [Read more]


Book – THERE’S A BUG GOING AROUND By Robert Silman and Steven Froelich This novel was written in the 1990s at the height of the AIDS scare when the gay community particularly, faced the paranoia that surrounds a life-threatening incurable and untreatable disease. One of the central ideas of the book was, then, a piece of science-fiction: ... [Read more]

Hep C Info

Hep C Info If you are familiar with NAM’s patient information materials, hopefully you already know about our popular series The basics. These illustrated leaflets explain key health messages in a straightforward, accessible way and are designed to support conversations between professionals and the people ... [Read more]


GAY HUMANISTS UNSURPRISED AT THE HOMOPHOBIA OF THE NEW POPE The UK gay humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) is not at all surprised that the new Pope is as homophobic as the previous incumbents. Pope Francis I strongly opposed legislation introduced in 2010 by the Argentine Government to allow same-sex marriage, calling it a "real and dire ... [Read more]

BEYONCE ENCOUNTERS . . . PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis)

BEYONCE ENCOUNTERS . . . PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis)   'Do you have any water?' Pete asks in the A&E department. It's a Sunday evening, and most of the people still queuing up here are casualties from Saturday-night revelries. We're all being punished for our weekend excesses, it seems. There are people with bust lips and broken limbs. ... [Read more]


I AM DIVINE – EUROPEAN PREMIERE The 27th BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (LLGFF) is back at  BFI Southbank, London with a festival of 11 days and a new look programme that’s packed full of films, special guests, events, workshops, and music (14 – 24 March 2013). Opening Night is a great new documentary I ... [Read more]

Book Review

Book Review    ‘All Right Now – Life, Death & Life Again’ By Andy Fraser with Mark Hughes Perhaps only our older readers will know who Free were - a group of young musicians, who, in their own way, personified the musical highs of the 70s. Their major breakthrough hit, All Right Now became ... [Read more]

Donna Summer – RIP

Donna Summer – RIP   There have been many ‘diva’ disco singers – some worthy of the name, others mere pretenders. Donna Summer was the real deal. Her first hit was I Feel Love and her voice, coupled with the electronic Giorgio Moroder production sent disco music into the realms of DISCO. Yes, that dance ... [Read more]

The Community Campaign launches a new era in advertising

The Community Campaign launches a new era in advertising     56 Dean Street is offering members of the gay community the chance to design an innovative HIV or sexual health awareness campaign. 56 Dean Street, the award-winning Soho-based HIV and sexual health clinic, is launching a competition to tackle HIV and sexual health awareness amongst ... [Read more]

Gay men can now donate blood?

Gay men can now donate blood?   Health Ministers announced recently that the rules regarding the eligibility of gay and bisexual men to donate blood have changed. The new policy allows gay and bisexual men to donate blood if they have not had oral or anal sex with a man in the last year. Previously all men who had ever ... [Read more]

The day before pill

The day before pill Recently announced results from two studies reveal that a daily antiretroviral tablet taken by people who do not have HIV infection can reduce their risk of acquiring HIV by up to 73%. Both daily tenofovir and daily tenofovir/emtricitabine taken as preventive medicine (PrEP - pre-exposure prophylaxis) ... [Read more]

Books: August 2011

Books: August 2011 Players Two By Rick Day Like in the first volume the predominating stylistic device is the cool aesthetic appeal, reduced to the basics, that sets the focus completely on all these athletic guys. The intimacy of Day’s pictures is unique; he always goes for direct confrontation—eye to eye with ... [Read more]

Friends of Dorothy

Friends of Dorothy Over a thousand supporters turned out for Terrence Higgins Trust’s Walk for Life 10k fundraising event recently, including celebrities Beverley Knight, John Partridge and 4 Poofs & A Piano. The event was the 22nd year of the Walk for Life, which this year had a Wizard of Oz fancy dress theme ... [Read more]

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