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Books: August 2011

Players Two
By Rick Day

Like in the first volume the predominating stylistic device is the cool aesthetic appeal, reduced to the basics, that sets the focus completely on all these athletic guys. The intimacy of Day’s pictures is unique; he always goes for direct confrontation—eye to eye with his models! And these men are border crossers, passionately they shape their bodies, they train every single muscle to reach perfection. Day is capable of picturing the passion and the will power of his models. His photos are incredibly sexy, tough‐minded—in one word: brilliant.


Afternoon Pleasures
Edited by Shane Allison

Aimed at bedtime reading for gay couples, this compendium of erotica offers irresistible fun and frolics while celebrating the coming together of souls as well as bodies. Bears, twinks, environmentalists, loggers and even the wonderful ideal that is… breakfast in bed, are all applauded and appreciated in this sexy collection of short stories.

£10.99 – Cleis Press

The International Homosexual Conspiracy
By Larry-bob Roberts

In this series of cultural polemics on an unexpected array of contemporary topics – from mistaken first impressions to sustainable yet unaffordable underwear to critiques of bourgeois mind-sets – the author offers hilarious insight into the absurdities of modern life and gay culture.

£10.99 – Manic D Press

Queer America
By Vicki L Eaklor

A people’s history of the United States is a major effort to popularise a long-overlooked chapter in the history of the 20th century. It provides a decade by decade overview of major issues and events in GLBT history including Harlem Renaissance, change in military policy, Stonewall riots, AIDS, same sex marriages, representation in the me4dia and legal battles.

£12.99 – The New Press

The Handsome Prince
Edited by Neil Plakcy

Tis is a mix of traditional and contemporary stories, each with a fairytale theme. Sometimes the prince himself is the one who needs rescuing; sometimes the prince emerges in unexpected guises – but one thing all these tales have in common is a happy ending. “Happy ever after” or “Happy for now” when these guys find their princes, hot and steamy sex is guaranteed.

£10.99 – Cleis Press

Brief Encounters
Edited by Shane Allison

A collection of some of the best, hottest and most creative ‘quickie’ erotica available on the market. Not your typical one-night-stand stories, the tales in this selection of 69 stories are intriguing, thrilling, unique and always surprising. So, as the cover suggests, make yourself comfortable and read on.

£10.99 – Cleis Press

In the Dolphin’s Wake
by Harry Bucknall

This is the tale of Harry’s journey of over 5,500 miles, lasting 183 days, visiting 36 islands and every island chain plus Mount Athos, Athens and the Turkish mainland; involving 57 sea passages on 35 ferries, 4 landing craft, 3 hydrofoils, 1 fishing caique plus travel by sea plane, 1 twin prop aircraft, 11 buses, 2 trains, an open top Land Rover and a duck egg blue 1961 Morris Oxford. Oh yes… and the continual visits from ‘the Spaniard’ – Harry’s boyfriend at the time.

£7.99 – Bene Factum Publishing

Games Frat Boys Play
By Todd Gregory

Eight years at a Swiss boarding school have given Jordy Valentine an impressive education. But the thing he really wants to learn – how to make friends and find love – have eluded him. At California University – Polk, he’s hoping all that will change. From the start he is intrigued by the Beta Kappa fraternity and its leader in particular. When that leads to rejection he starts to work out and physically transform himself.

£10.99 – Kensington