Bright Summer – Hot Streetwear

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“Bright Summer” is the name that has been chosen for the new Addicted Athletic and Streetwear campaign. Surely, when we think of our happiest summer moments certain images come to mind -  light, colour, bronzed skin and a fantastic smile that expresses the wonderful moments that one is living – probably the best of the […]

Shirts for the boys

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Andrew Christian is one of today’s hottest designers. For us gay boys it seems that his superbly crafted underwear is the only thing to wrap our most important bits in. The ranges he keeps coming up with (and the videos he makes to promote them) are always the next must see and have items to […]

Addicted to – Wet

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WET ME UP! Is the first instalment of a wonderful trilogy in which the Addicted 2014 Spring/Summer Collection will be presented – swimwear, underwear, sportswear/streetwear. “The combination of beauty eroticism and desire makes the temperature rise to unexpected levels and this is the exact intention of the new Addicted Swimwear Campaign for summer 2014″, affirms […]

Bent Shop – the discount store

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 STOP PRESS…. STOP PRESS…. STOP PRESS They said it couldn’t be done. They said we’d be foolish to try. They said… Who the hell cares what they said because… Bent Shop has just become a permanently discounted store. Yes. Blow the trumpets. Award the… erm… award because your sex life has suddenly become cheaper. Wait, […]

Fashion Victim – The Musical!

Do you want the chance to help fund a musical… and have the opportunity to have your name as part of the script? If so… read on. Fashion Victim The Musical!, a contemporary morality tale set in the cutthroat world of la mode, wants its chance in the cutthroat world of theatre… and is turning to […]

Jock and Cock Armour

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Back in the Middle Ages, the codpiece (cod meaning scrotum) became the fashion accessory that every man of means just had to have. Roll forward several hundred years and the jock-strap was what every sportsman needed, designed for supporting the male genitalia during sports or other vigorous physical activity. But now… things have taken another […]

‘Ink, Not Mink’ Campaign

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He’s undefeated in the ring, and the next opponent he’d like to knock halfway to the moon is the fur industry. Flexing his ultra-chiselled and amply tattooed torso next to the caption “Ink, Not Mink”, UFC light-heavyweight fighter Jimi “Poster Boy” Manuwa appears in  a brand-new ad for PETA. The ad concludes, “Fight Cruelty to […]

ES Collection presents THAI

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The search for paradise, the idyllic, outdoor and even our fantasies are things that always make us look for new challenges in every one of our new campaigns. We constantly aim to outdo ourselves each season, and with that, ES Collection wanted to carry out a photo shoot outside of Spain for the first time […]

The Shorts Of It by G Alexander

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I’ve always been an advocate for the wearing of shorts. It may be a fetish or it might be just that I like to see a guy’s legs, either way it’s a trend that seems to be gaining momentum. Whenever I go shopping, day or night, there are usually at least a couple of guys […]

Dazzle him this Christmas

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Cats can’t leave catnip alone and it’s the same for gay boys and their underwear… we have to indulge in buying what is sexy, new and spectacular. Thankfully, this winter, the people at Modus Vivendi have answered my personal prayers with a range of stunning metallic looking pants to make this Christmas shimmer like none […]

Sox Appeal

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Swedish fashion company Happy Socks is proud to present its latest collaboration with world-famous photographer David LaChapelle, well known for his provocative style, featuring nine pictures and a very unique video. For this collaboration Happy Socks chose an approach that would make most marketing people nervous: David LaChapelle was given a so called “Carte Blanche” […]


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The Masked Ball is back! The event, which is organised by the same team that brings you The Wig Party, returns on Sunday 27 October, and will be held at Café de Paris. This year it’s going to be #deadglam – with a Halloween theme, Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Much […]

The wonderful world of pjs? by Gordon Hopps

September 18, 2013 by  
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The other day I was searching online for information regarding the question: ‘…just who wears pyjamas?’ (or pajamas in the American spelling) and was astounded at the discussion that was already going on concerning this subject. One student, who was about to go off to University for the first time, asked if it was “…OK […]

Bent USA – WE Party: AIRLINES Flies Into New York City

This Labor Day weekend, the greatest party in the world is flying into the greatest city in the world for a once-in-a-lifetime special event.  WE Party: Airlines lands into New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday August 31st from 10pm – 5am.  The legendary concert hall will literally be transformed into an airport with check-in […]

Stars celebrate equal marriage with Stonewall t-shirt campaign

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New Stonewall t-shirts commemorate historic new law Following the House of Lords’ historic decision yesterday to pass the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill an array of celebrities have joined a Stonewall campaign to celebrate equal marriage.  The campaign – in partnership with g3 and Out in the City publishers Square Peg Media – sees stars […]

The Dancer – Pumping it up

I’d seen him dancing on the podium at my local club before. I was never sure if he was spaced out or not but he seemed to be able to throw his lithe body around that tiny stage the entire night. Tonight, it was slightly different as all the dancers were being sponsored by an […]

Tested on Urban Professionals

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Giangiacomo Postir and Marco Baruzzi, are both 30 something urban professionals living in London. Gian is a business developer in the chemical manufacturing industry and Marco is an investment banker. They came up with the idea to create a men’s skincare brand in 2010. The hard work, long hours, commuting, endless business travelling, meetings and […]

Fashion – Flower Power

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What better way to celebrate summer than with items in the new ‘Painter’ limited edition range from Modus Vivendi. This Greek company produces some of the most exciting designs that often leave other male fashion companies racing to catch up. Exclusive for this summer is the neo-retro floral range of Bomber jackets, Bermudas and jog […]

Countdown to Pride

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The flowers are in bloom, the trees have all turned green and the sun is more out than in… yes summer is here and with it the countdown to all the Pride events around the country… and abroad. It doesn’t seem that long ago that, here in the UK, such events were restricted to a […]

Men’s Lingerie

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For some it’s just a practical piece of clothing designed for nothing more than keeping your trousers from getting messed up. Some guys like to feel special when they put on their underwear. While others still want an entirely different experience.   HommeMystere, an Aussie company specializing in giving a guy what his heart desires, […]

Bent Fiction – Such a sexy butt – by Les Lea

I’d slept heavily but was suddenly wide awake. The darkened room told me it was still night and a glance at my watch told me it was 3am. I didn’t want to be awake but I was annoyed because there was a ridiculous thought going round in my head that I just couldn’t get rid […]


Karl Giant Steps In Front of the Lens By Skip Sheffield. Karl Giant has aimed his camera’s lens on celebrities from Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Taylor Lautner and, of course, Beyonce.  Celebrities come to him when they want to spice up their image.  Giant’s photos crank up the fabulousness to […]

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