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Calvin Harris – The new face of Emporio Armani

Calvin Harris – The new face of Emporio Armani Giorgio Armani has announced that it has chosen Calvin Harris as the face of Emporio Armani for the spring/summer 2015 season. The internationally renowned DJ, singer, songwriter and music producer will also be the worldwide testimonial of the Emporio Armani Eyewear and Watch lines. The campaign, ... [Read more]

Christmas Underwear

Christmas Underwear With Christmas fast approaching I’m sure you will be busy wondering what to get the man in your life as a ‘special’ present.  We know that in general lingerie and underwear rate highly on this ‘special’ barometer of ‘personal and sexy’ that you hope your partner will enjoy. We also ... [Read more]

Sleeping Bag Suit

Sleeping Bag Suit OK, it has been described as the next ‘big thing’. Where once the onesie was the best piece of equipment for lounging around, now the Selkbag is destined to be the most desirable bit of kit for those who are active. There’s nothing better than feeling totally warm as you curl up in your tent ... [Read more]

Go to bed with Tom Of Finland

Go to bed with Tom Of Finland Finlayson, one of Finland’s most loved heritage brands and leading textile manufacturer, expands its operations into the UK by launching Tom of Finland by Finlayson, an unprecedented and exclusive collection designed in honour of Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991), world renowned for his vast ... [Read more]

What is a man?

What is a man? Being a man -- a man's man, a real man, a manly man -- all too often means projecting an air of invincibility, a willingness to absorb pain at all costs, an expectation that even the most vicious insults can do no harm. Vulnerability is seen as weakness… but that my friend is a load of bull. The ... [Read more]

The biggest Pyjama Party ever!

The biggest Pyjama Party ever! 14th November , head South of the river to the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern as Madonna Celebrate and Madonnalicious invite you to the biggest celebration this side of the London Eye, it’s The ‘Bedtime Stories’ Pyjama Party 20th anniversary. Once again our DJ residents, David Oh plus others ... [Read more]

Almost Naked – Andrew Christian

Almost Naked – Andrew Christian With the Twittersphere going ape about the latest Andrew Christian designs, perhaps you might need to think ahead for buying that personal, something special for Christmas. With a wide range to choose from and new designs hitting the streets monthly, Andrew Christian is one of the most popular brands ... [Read more]

“Sinfully Addicted”.

“Sinfully Addicted”. Autumn is here! Addicted is pleased to present Sinfully Addicted, a brand new and wicked campaign, produced in collaboration with BelAmi and its stars. Production took place in the romantic city of Budapest, Hungary, in the same locations where this well-known gay porn production company shoots its ... [Read more]

Avatars on runway @ Stockholm Fashion Week

Avatars on runway @ Stockholm Fashion Week In impressive caves on an island in Stockholm, Swedish Fashion Brand Björn Borg, in collaboration with Creative Show Director Bea Åkerlund, treated the Fashion Week audience to an extravagant game-inspired runway show. Celebrating individuality, love and fashion in a digital era, the show served as ... [Read more]

Lads who love their legs

Lads who love their legs It’s that time of year when we begin to think about our legs again. Remember them? Those perfect pins that have been hiding all year round. The arrival of summer brings with it relaxed days spent lounging bare-legged soaking up the sun. But for some getting the perfect beach body in time for summer ... [Read more]

Do you want to see your man in this?

Do you want to see your man in this? I blame Sacha Baron Cohen and his creation of The Mankini for this latest development in the next ‘must have’ for the beach. Yes, it’s not off the shoulder but it is off the bum cheek and is the latest thing for a guy to be seen in. For some it will look bizarre, while for others, it is the ... [Read more]

DOWNTOWN: Streetwear & Athletic Wear

DOWNTOWN: Streetwear & Athletic Wear  The concept of the city is traditionally associated with economic, political, religious and social life. Cities were born out of the necessity to live close to other human beings in order to satisfy the human needs of interaction, coming together and well-being. Es Collection presents DOWNTOWN - ... [Read more]

It’s Time To Go Grey

It’s Time To Go Grey AÃRK Collective creates watches that perfectly combine design, functionality and aesthetics. It is obvious to see that they believe in good design, long lasting products and connecting with likeminded individuals through their watches. The art of minimalist design is the backbone of this AÃRK Classic ... [Read more]

Underwear to Be Seen In!

Underwear to Be Seen In! Throw out your M&S undies and take a look at the vibrant world of the Garçon Model range of colourful underwear. The company was founded in late 2012 out of a desire to strive for perfection and rejuvenate the premium men’s underwear market. Gone are the days that men are restricted to wearing ... [Read more]

Addicted and dressed for…

Addicted and dressed for… Perhaps it's a dream you once had. Perhaps you've had a secret dream about one of them.... being in bed with any of the stars of BelAmi is probably an experience that anyone will want to have had before dying. Addicted has had the good fortune of being able to try it - not just with one, but with ... [Read more]

Bright Summer – Hot Streetwear

Bright Summer – Hot Streetwear "Bright Summer" is the name that has been chosen for the new Addicted Athletic and Streetwear campaign. Surely, when we think of our happiest summer moments certain images come to mind -  light, colour, bronzed skin and a fantastic smile that expresses the wonderful moments that one is living - probably ... [Read more]

Shirts for the boys

Shirts for the boys Andrew Christian is one of today's hottest designers. For us gay boys it seems that his superbly crafted underwear is the only thing to wrap our most important bits in. The ranges he keeps coming up with (and the videos he makes to promote them) are always the next must see and have items to join ... [Read more]

Addicted to – Wet

Addicted to – Wet WET ME UP! Is the first instalment of a wonderful trilogy in which the Addicted 2014 Spring/Summer Collection will be presented - swimwear, underwear, sportswear/streetwear. "The combination of beauty eroticism and desire makes the temperature rise to unexpected levels and this is the exact intention ... [Read more]

Bent Shop – the discount store

Bent Shop – the discount store  STOP PRESS.... STOP PRESS.... STOP PRESS They said it couldn’t be done. They said we’d be foolish to try. They said… Who the hell cares what they said because… Bent Shop has just become a permanently discounted store. Yes. Blow the trumpets. Award the… erm… award because ... [Read more]

Fashion Victim – The Musical!

Fashion Victim – The Musical! Do you want the chance to help fund a musical… and have the opportunity to have your name as part of the script? If so… read on. Fashion Victim The Musical!, a contemporary morality tale set in the cutthroat world of la mode, wants its chance in the cutthroat world of theatre... and is turning ... [Read more]

Jock and Cock Armour

Jock and Cock Armour Back in the Middle Ages, the codpiece (cod meaning scrotum) became the fashion accessory that every man of means just had to have. Roll forward several hundred years and the jock-strap was what every sportsman needed, designed for supporting the male genitalia during sports or other vigorous physical ... [Read more]

‘Ink, Not Mink’ Campaign

‘Ink, Not Mink’ Campaign He's undefeated in the ring, and the next opponent he'd like to knock halfway to the moon is the fur industry. Flexing his ultra-chiselled and amply tattooed torso next to the caption "Ink, Not Mink", UFC light-heavyweight fighter Jimi "Poster Boy" Manuwa appears in  a brand-new ad for PETA. The ad ... [Read more]

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