Jack Laugher & Chris Mears win Gold at the Olympics

This is a very serious professional post. Regarding British athletes, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears, who won gold at the Rio Olympics 2016 in the Men’s 3 Metre Springboard event last night.

Now enjoy several photos of the divers in their tiny kit – and one obligatory clothed one with the medals.

jack-laugher-and-chris-mears-win-diving-gold-rio-2016jack-laugher-chhris-mears stream_img tumblr_obpq2uvpjD1s2dh77o1_50013962831_10154545671345864_2954087969619282832_o tumblr_obprb41L5D1s2dh77o3_500 tumblr_obprb41L5D1s2dh77o4_500105378458-Jack-Laugher-Chris-Mears-SPORT-large_trans++wsew0fySPsx6KT8s7oS1cY4dF71uIDRzLXKjE9TSxVg 20160811jack-laugher-chris-mears-muugras