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ChemSex and HIV/HCV co-infection

ChemSex and HIV/HCV co-infection There's an online piece of information that might just help prevent the New Year from becoming a bad year. For those who are into ChemSex and are not aware of the dangers that can be associated with it, have a read... and stay safe.   ·         7% of gay men in the UK co-infected with ... [Read more]

New project to help tackle LGBT hate crime

New project to help tackle LGBT hate crime  The Equality and Human Rights Commission has launched a 16-month-long project to tackle significant under-reporting of hate crime against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people in Great Britain. Recent figures in England and Wales show less than 4,500 homophobic and transphobic incidents ... [Read more]

Christmas Underwear

Christmas Underwear With Christmas fast approaching I’m sure you will be busy wondering what to get the man in your life as a ‘special’ present.  We know that in general lingerie and underwear rate highly on this ‘special’ barometer of ‘personal and sexy’ that you hope your partner will enjoy. We also ... [Read more]

Winter Auction to counter LGBTQ homelessness

Winter Auction to counter LGBTQ homelessness   The holidays are always difficult for LGBT people who may have been disowned by their families, and the problems are compounded for LGBT people who are homeless. To address this, Stonewall Housing (unaffiliated with Stonewall) works to address LGBT homelessness in the UK. This winter they’re launching ... [Read more]

Perez Hilton on being a gay dad.

Perez Hilton on being a gay dad.   The fabulous, new, healthy-looking, buffed  Perez Hilton discusses being a single gay dad on the website for gay fathers, In the interview, he reveals that if he were to meet his husband, Perez would not allow the man to adopt his son because the child is his.  If they were to ... [Read more]

Sleeping Bag Suit

Sleeping Bag Suit OK, it has been described as the next ‘big thing’. Where once the onesie was the best piece of equipment for lounging around, now the Selkbag is destined to be the most desirable bit of kit for those who are active. There’s nothing better than feeling totally warm as you curl up in your tent ... [Read more]

No More Gay Asylum Tests – Court Rules

No More Gay Asylum Tests – Court Rules The European Court of Justice have issued a judgement that refugees who claim asylum on the grounds that they are gay should not have to undergo 'tests' to prove their orientation. In this latest ruling, the court found that determining a refugee’s sexual orientation had to be consistent with EU law ... [Read more]

Don’t let HIV outsmart you

Don’t let HIV outsmart you This World AIDS Day, Someone Like Me, the global sexual health movement from Durex and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation is urging young people to be aware of the risks of HIV with a new global awareness campaign. Someone Like Me has launched a new video ( ... [Read more]

Homosexuality may help us bond

Homosexuality may help us bond Homosexual behaviour may have evolved to promote social bonding in humans, according to new research. The results of a preliminary study provide the first evidence that our need to bond with others increases our openness to engaging in homosexual behaviour. Dr Diana Fleischman, of the University ... [Read more]

Podcasts on sexual health

Podcasts on sexual health Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) researchers have launched a series of podcasts for the UK’s first comprehensive network for sexual health researchers. This year’s National HIV Testing Week takes place next week (22nd -29th November), in the run up to World AIDS Day on  1st December. To ... [Read more]

‘Over –searching’ online can be detrimental

‘Over –searching’ online can be detrimental Warning: “Over-searching” online can be hazardous to your health – or at least to your relationships at work and at home. The Internet may be a wonderful tool, but new research co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School finds that “over-searching” online can work to a person or organisation’s ... [Read more]

Top 10 Tips for “Coming Out” Gay

Top 10 Tips for “Coming Out” Gay Top 10 Tips for “Coming Out” Gay The person you come out to first should be someone you trust. Ideally an adult who can keep the news in confidence. Good examples are Parents, Teachers, Doctors, Relatives, Counsellors, Team Coaches, Youth Workers and Neighbours. You may tell them in person ... [Read more]

HIV infections continue to rise

HIV infections continue to rise   Public Health England reports greatest number of new diagnoses in gay men The Report published today from Public Health England (PHE) - ‘HIV in the United Kingdom 2014 Report’ – states that in 2013 there was the highest ever number of gay men diagnosed with HIV – 3,250. 1 This is ... [Read more]

Breakup advice

Breakup advice OK, so your last relationship didn’t work out. OK, you’d been together for years but somehow, and you’re not sure how, you drifted apart. OK, this is the second relationship that has failed, and your friends are urging you to 'get back on the horse’ as there are ‘many more fish in the ... [Read more]

Rainbow Barcelona Tours

Rainbow Barcelona Tours The first gay tour guide company in Barcelona Barcelona, Cosmopolitan city and joy of the Mediterranean, is the headquarters of the first private gay tour company in Spain for the LGBT community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals). Rainbow Barcelona Tours opens a brand new informative ... [Read more]

Bent Confession: Sporting Bottom

Bent Confession: Sporting Bottom Image:  I feel awful and a bit scared. I took some sneaky photographs at a private session I was having and some of them, thanks to my nosey boyfriend snooping around on my computer, have ended up being posted all over the place. The guy I was shagging is a famous sportsman ... [Read more]

1 Model 100 Artists Exhibition & Auction

1 Model 100 Artists Exhibition & Auction    Leeds based charity, No Going Back, is holding its first auction to raise much needed funds. The auction and art exhibition will be held at the White Cloth Gallery, Leeds at 7pm on 15th December 2014.  The event ‘1 Model 100 Artists’ will give attendees the opportunity to purchase a piece of ... [Read more]

Hello Mr. Perfect

Hello Mr. Perfect 3 TOP MENS PROCEDURES ON HARLEY STREET  If you are one of those men who may spend more time than the average in front of the mirror… you are not alone.   With the pursuit of male perfection at an all-time high,  the Beck's effect sparking the highest ever demand in penoplasty and the release ... [Read more]

Wanted – twins for sexual orientation study

Wanted – twins for sexual orientation study A new study at the University of Essex is hoping to help understand how childhood experiences shape our sexual orientation and well-being when we are adults. We often assume our upbringing is important in many ways - but how does this relate to twins where one is straight and one is gay? Many of ... [Read more]

Conversion of civil partnerships into marriages

Conversion of civil partnerships into marriages By Jonathan Cailes    Couples in a civil partnership will have the option to convert it into a marriage before Christmas once regulations laid before Parliament yesterday are approved. This landmark change means couples in existing civil partnerships will be able to convert them into a marriage ... [Read more]

Manifesto for Secularism – Against the Religious Right

Manifesto for Secularism – Against the Religious Right Secularism is vital for the defence of democracy, equality & human rights “The launch of the Manifesto for Secularism is a challenge to the global rise of the Religious Right and its menacing values, which threaten women, LGBTs, atheists, minority faiths, apostates and many others,” said human ... [Read more]

Travel – Swede extremes are made of these!

Travel – Swede extremes are made of these!  One-man pillage Adrian Gillan ram-raids buzzing Stockholm’s blue-eyed blonds before heading north to the unique, remote Treehotel in Lapland, high up on the Arctic Circle! If variety is the spice of life then what more spicy than to discover the extremes of sexy Sweden’s “Urban-Nature” ... [Read more]

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