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Johan’s Blog –  Producer’s Notes

Johan’s Blog – Producer’s Notes Last month I went once again to my favourite Spanish island – Gran Canaria. I had scheduled one week for the video production and two additional weeks for some relaxation and holidays with my boyfriend. The preparation for the shoot ended in stress as a few days before we set off to Gran Canaria ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – What’s the buzz

Johan’s Blog – What’s the buzz It was pretty much perfect timing. On the Thursday before the start of the long Berlin Pride Weekend, Gordon, the chief editor of Bent, asked me if I would like to do a test and a report of sexual stimulants for you, his readers. Given that you always need a little extra strength to get through a weekend ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Sex over the phone

Johan’s Blog – Sex over the phone     In an earlier blog I explained that some of my friends work in the phone-sex business. As such, it probably comes as no great surprise when I tell you that I’ve tried it myself – after all, there’s always a need for some extra cash in my pocket!   There are two different ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Ferry nice meeting you.

Johan’s Blog – Ferry nice meeting you.   At last, the summer has begun! The sun is warm, the days are long – and boys have started wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts instead of thick jackets and long trousers! So, it should come as little surprise that I decided to enjoy a 10 day break in southern Sweden with some friends. Ten ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Twinky, twinky…  little star.

Johan’s Blog – Twinky, twinky… little star.   Our STAXUS-ON-TOUR shows are always lots of fun. What’s more, they’re always different – depending on the city, the club, the programme, even the local law! I remember the first shows I did, probably around 5 years ago now. I was young and innocent in those days – and in many respects ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Can’t we have regular sex anymore?

Johan’s Blog – Can’t we have regular sex anymore?   What’s happened to good old-fashioned sex? You know, some shy kissing and cuddling, followed by a nice blowjob and a short shag. Why has it always got to be combined with stupid fetishes – piss, sniffing shoes, nipple-play, fisting, ball-torture, leather, jeans, military, humiliation, doctor ... [Read more]

JOHAN’S BLOG – We’re having a gangbang

JOHAN’S BLOG – We’re having a gangbang A gangbang surely has to be everyone’s biggest dream. Every gay guy wants to be in the middle of one – be it as a top, as a bottom, or maybe even in both positions! To be right in the middle of a bunch of horny, muscular guys who have just one thing in mind: hot, sweaty, totally intense sex ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Home Alone

Johan’s Blog – Home Alone   Thank you so much for all the letters and messages, which you’ve been sending me over the past few weeks and months. It seems that you‘ve rather enjoyed the little reports and sex-tips that I’ve given you over the years. Why, even my editors have been surprised at the level of success ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – January

Johan’s Blog – January I’m not sure about you but I’m starting to hate these new smart phones. I must confess that I’ve been the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S II for a couple of months now, although I still don’t really understand all the functions it has. Still, it’s a lot of fun – and, most importantly ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Everyone… do the Hustlaball

Johan’s Blog – Everyone… do the Hustlaball   This party’s not one for divas. This party’s just about one thing: sex! The Hustlaball in Berlin – the biggest gay party in Europe – is a celebration of lust and cock! Here you can enjoy the hottest guys, the horniest and most explicit shows imaginable – with music thrown in for ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Car Horn

Johan’s Blog – Car Horn It’s a good idea to own your own car – especially in the Czech Republic. I’m not talking about personal status or even the ability to drive from A to B. That all pretty much goes without saying. I’m talking about having sex in the car – and, of course, a car’s pretty much an essential ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog

Johan’s Blog   I like sex. Well, to be honest, I just love it! And it’s not just the cum-shot I love – you know, when you feel  the cum bubbling in your balls and then it explodes out through your cock onto your partner. No, it’s much more than just that. It’s the intimacy; the privacy between ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog: Talking Stalking!

Johan’s Blog: Talking Stalking! I thought this kind of thing only happened to celebrities, but just a few weeks ago I realized that I had a stalker. At first I felt quite honoured about it, but it wasn’t long before it developed into a rather scary problem. It all began some months ago with some seemingly innocent letters and e-mails ... [Read more]

Johan: Casting couch and Dirty F*ckers

Johan: Casting couch and Dirty F*ckers I can certainly have no complaints about my job. It’s true – after all, I turned my hobbies into a vocation! Sex as a job – can there be anything better? And I’m not talking about being an escort. I’m talking about being a porn actor, porn director, porn-site manager and (best of all!) ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – An American named Turk

Johan’s Blog – An American named Turk The last few weeks have been really busy for me. I’ve been on an extended business trip to Berlin; I’ve performed in a porn movie, I’ve made several videos for my own site, I’ve performed at some of our STAXUS live shows – and, at last, I’ve bought a car! Yes, I’ve finally bought ... [Read more]

Pulling in my Puma – Pulling off my pants.

Pulling in my Puma – Pulling off my pants. by Johan Volny. There is still lots of snow here in the Czech Republic, but I’m already preparing for the spring. First, I’ve booked some cheap flights to Gran Canaria for a few days in March. I have some friends in Maspalomas,so that guarantees me an apartment for free. Quite handy, actually ... [Read more]

There’s no business like show business – Johan’s Blog

There’s no business like show business – Johan’s Blog We’ve really had a lot of shows this recently, in Germany, Belgium and Austria. As a result, I’ve been on the road every weekend this month, and on occasion have even had three performances in three different cities in one weekend! As you know, the shows are always hot and horny for all ... [Read more]

Running hot and cold!  Johan Volny Blog

Running hot and cold! Johan Volny Blog I’ve just enjoyed three weeks of holidays – full of endless sunshine, and a temperature of 35°C! But now, alas, I’m back in a very cold Czech Republic, where we’ve even had our first snow of the winter. A fall of 10cms, which I can describe in one word – horrible! I spent most of my vacation ... [Read more]

Sex, sport… and more – Johan’s Blog

Sex, sport… and more – Johan’s Blog Many people think that my job is just about sex – and sex alone. And I agree, sex dominates my life and my job. But it’s not the only thing I get up to. Sport also takes up a great deal of my time. One thing’s for sure, though – without sex, sport and my constant quest for the next adrenaline ... [Read more]

Porn Star – Johan Volny

Porn Star – Johan Volny It’s all part of the job. My idea of heaven is a very relaxing evening with my boyfriend – sitting on the couch together and watching some porn movies. I know what you’re thinking: how boring! But it isn’t at all. Fact is, I don’t always need to party every weekend. Indeed, spending a nice ... [Read more]

Johan – Back to the movies

Johan – Back to the movies Yes, at last – I’ve done it again! My first movie shoot in three months – and gees, have I missed it! It’s such a great feeling to be on a movie set – there’s so much more atmosphere, and it’s certainly much better than the solos and duos that I do at home on the kitchen table! The last ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Summer fun and a dash of Pride

Johan’s Blog – Summer fun and a dash of Pride Hurray! At long last it’s summer, and we can finally get to enjoy the sunshine – and the holiday season is at last upon us… Here in the Czech Republic we’ve waited far too long for the first warm and sunny days of the year but now, finally, we can begin to spend some time outdoors. I spent ... [Read more]

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