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Johan’s Blog – I like sex

I like sex. Well, to be honest, I just love it!

And it’s not just the cum-shot I love – you know, when you feel  the cum bubbling in your balls and then it explodes out through your cock onto your partner. No, it’s much more than just that.

It’s the intimacy; the privacy between you and your partner. Plus, of course, the sheer energy of the act itself!

The kinds of sex I have are quite different, and I always make an effort to differentiate between the activities I enjoy in the company of my boyfriend and the sex that I have in front of the camera. In other words, between the intercourse that I have for “work” and that that I have “just for fun”!

As it happens, however, the “just for fun” sex – usually comprising of one night stands – has become less and less frequent since I’ve had a boyfriend, and I’ve become older and a little more relaxed about  things. Yeah, I know, I’m just 25 and already I’m experiencing a decline in my sex life – horrible! But seriously, the truth is that I find the sex with my boyfriend so satisfying that I just don’t feel the need any more for so many one night stands. Plus the nice thing about my situation is that I still get to have sex in front of the camera to try out new things, to live out my fetishes or simply just to release some of the sexual pressure that a gay man in his mid-twenties experiences.

Nevertheless, I remember the time shortly after I finished school – and before I decided to embark in a career of gay porn – when I worked for a few weeks as a construction worker. It was hard work, but really good fun, and I did it for a few weeks in the summer with 3 or 4 of my best mates to earn some cash for a holiday together. Here in the Czech Republic you can earn really good money on building sites, and we were all making the most of the opportunity to do just that.

That said, I didn’t actually do it for the money alone. Back then – and maybe even still today – I had this fetish for strong, muscular, tanned guys, especially those who are sweaty as a result of hard work or some sports activity. I was already quite experienced with sex in cars, in all sorts of bedrooms, and in the shower and locker rooms of the gyms both in and around my home town. Now I was ready to try something completely new – which that summer meant trying out all those horny builders with my group of equally horny friends!

Needless  to report, I had a very satisfying summer that year. We Czechs are very open-minded about sex, and even straight guys don’t seem to mind when it comes to sucking a big juicy cock or getting blown by an experienced gay guy. Basically it just depends on the situation, how sexually driven they are and the quality of the blow-job (or indeed fuck) on offer. You can imagine just how quickly the word spread on that building site that whilst my friends and I might be a bit clumsy in regard to the construction work we were much more experienced when it came to the job of treating cocks right!

It’s funny how, after working hard in the hot sun on a dusty site, you get really horny – but to prove the point I can assure you that we regularly had sex during our lunch breaks, either between ourselves or with our straight fellow workers. I admit that it probably wasn’t the best sex I ever had; but it was definitely very satisfying and helped relieve all that pent-up sexual tension, which is basically what you need in most cases. In addition, the experience helped add to the list of strange places where I’d had sex: on a forklift truck, in a concrete mixer, and on the open top floor of a skyscraper, where we hadn’t yet put up the walls. Why, even a public portable toilet could be crossed off my list – an experience never to be repeated for obvious reasons!

To be honest, I’ve never quite understood this competition that some folk have about having sex in the most “exotic” places. I’ve never had sex in the toilet of a plane – despite my Star Alliance gold status! – and, as I’ve mentioned on several previous occasions, I find that sex on beaches or in sand-dunes just isn’t at all practical. Call me an unromantic, but I prefer to feel the cock of my boyfriend rather than the bite of a mosquito! So you can forget all about sex in the great outdoors! To me it’s the stuff of cheap porn productions. I also assume that the guys who boast about how great the sex was in the confines of a plane toilet forget to tell you about how they needed a course of massages and other suitable treatments to recover for the slipped disk they sustained from trying to suck (or even fuck) the flight attendant whilst in the confines of a tiny cubicle! Then again, maybe I’m just a little bit envious that I use the wrong airlines or don’t get that kind of cabin service!

Hugs and stuff