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Johan – Back to the movies

00022Yes, at last – I’ve done it again! My first movie shoot in three months – and gees, have I missed it! It’s such a great feeling to be on a movie set – there’s so much more atmosphere, and it’s certainly much better than the solos and duos that I do at home on the kitchen table!

The last few months have seen me working alone for my site. I had to do the design and the programming, not to mention the selection and production of the content. As you know, the vast majority of the content for the site is produced exclusively for, so I’ve had to do a lot of wanking and shagging of late and haven’t had anywhere near enough time to do other movies

But that all changed last week when I was back on a film set once again. What’s more, I was even booked for a gangbang scene, which meant even more fun than usual! The movie title: Graduation Gangbang 2

To be honest, a gangbang isn’t really my cup of tea. In private I prefer one-to-one sex, or (perhaps at a push) a threesome. After all, I want to feel and experience my partners – not queue up and wait for a shag like you have to do in an orgy. We’re not at a cash-till at Tesco!

All that said, a gangbang on a movie set is a really horny and rather amusing experience. As shooting a scene always takes several hours you have to have a hard-on all that time. Consequently there’s always a lot of kissing, wanking and sucking between us models whilst we wait to stuff the bottom, who’s lying waiting to be served

On this occasion the bottom was a cute Belgian guy. Yeah, a Belgian stuffed by a load of Czechs! He was really looking forward to it and thoroughly enjoyed the whole shoot – well, almost all of it anyway. In fairness, he was a little bit of a vain guy – a bit of a “princess”. Then again, aren’t we all the same? Anyway, before shooting he told us all that he didn’t want us to cum on his face at the end of the scene, but of course that was a big mistake!!! When a foreign guy tells us Czechs not to cum on his face we will definitely do exactly that – at least twice!!! As a result, the poor lad’s face was soaked with cum by the time the scene finished, and what’s more he couldn’t even complain because the camera was running!

After the scene we Czechs all ran to the showers whilst the Belgian guy began to clean himself off with some towels. Second big mistake!!! After all, we all knew that the boiler for the showers wouldn’t have enough water for all us models. As a result, the poor cum-soaked Belgian had to clean himself off with cold water – whilst the rest of us were all enjoying our first beers!

So you see, shooting a movie can be much more fun that filming my own self-produced solos or duos. And of course I shall post the first edits of that gangbang scene – together with some photos – on my site as soon as I have them.

Well, as summer has now finally arrived in Prague I’m changing my fitness routine, with much more biking and jogging, and less time in the gym. Needless to say it’s much more fun to cycle with friends through the woods and across the mountains, and I’m surprised at how much weight you can lose whilst doing it. Indeed, one hour of cross-country cycling is much more efficient than 3 hours of weight-lifting.

OK, a friend of mine is already waiting for me outside my door with his bike… so that’s what I’m off to do right now

Until next time, take care

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