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Johan’s Blog – January

I’m not sure about you but I’m starting to hate these new smart phones.

I must confess that I’ve been the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S II for a couple of months now, although I still don’t really understand all the functions it has. Still, it’s a lot of fun – and, most importantly, I can make calls with it. So all in all it was a good buy.

Nevertheless, like I say, these smart phones can be a real pain in the ass!

Whenever we have a show at a club, bar or disco it’s always the same – crazy! People seem to love to film our shows, and within a few hours guys have posted their clips on the internet, either via Facebook (linked to me), on tube sites or in a variety of gay blogs. Sometimes some of my friends call me the morning after a show and tell me how naughty I’ve been, having checked the clips from the night before on one of these sites, which can be kind of embarrassing as I’m sure you can imagine.

However, please remember that I’m a porn actor and producer. People should buy my DVDs rather than wank to some tube site whilst watching free clips from one of the shows! As such, it seems that we guys in the adult movie world not only have to fight against piracy but also against these smart phones. To be honest, I think we’ve probably lost the battle in both respects already!

Anyway, something rather irritating happened the other day in the toilets of a gay club in Geneva. Why the craziest things always seem to happen to me in public toilets is anyone’s guess – I mean, it’s not as if I have a toilet fetish or anything. Indeed, I’m starting to develop a kind of toilet phobia. You see, I was standing in front of a urinal, doing what us boys do in these kind of situations, when this lad came up to use the urinal next to me. Recognising me, he immediately grabbed his smart phone from his pocket and started to film me taking a piss. Of course, I shouted at him to stop and tried to grab his phone, but unfortunately I was kind of handicapped given that I had my cock in my hand! As a result, he happily zoomed up on my best private parts; and whilst I immediately informed security the guy quickly slipped back into the crowds outside and was never seen again. Annoying, I’m quite sure that the clip is already out on the internet somewhere and that people are laughing about it like crazy – or doing other things whilst watching it! Damn it!!

Still, my worst fear is to be filmed whilst having sex with my boyfriend is public. Yes, I know, it’s crazy – after all, I’m a porn actor and you’d think I’d be used to be being filmed whilst having sex. Indeed, I don’t mind standing on a stage to fuck in front of thousands of people! But sex with my boyfriend is different. I want it to be totally private and I don’t want to be sharing it with anybody else. In fact, I’ll even admit to being a little bit jealous where he’s concerned. He’s not into modeling or doing porn, and I’m not exactly sure that I could stand watching him having sex in public with anybody other than me. I think in some ways I’m probably just a little bit old fashioned!

Well, I don’t know about you but this festive period is just a mad event for me and I’m now preparing for the New Year. I hope that I can come to UK more often next year – for my StaxusOnTour shows as well as for some movies with different studios from UK.

Have a great and successful 2012!