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PUMPS UP THE JAM -America’s Six-Inch Obsession

PUMPS UP THE JAM -America’s Six-Inch Obsession By Todd Hamilton On any given night at Mr. Black in Los Angeles, ten or more men can be seen traversing the dance floor in a pair of pumps.  No, they aren’t drag queens.  They’re gay men sporting the latest trend to hit the states:  men - otherwise dressed in men’s clothing - in heels ... [Read more]

Getting in a lather

Getting in a lather Undies champion Andrew Christian has produced a pretty damn near perfect promo-vid to get you in the mood for well, for just about anything. Sexy freshmen offer their services at a carwash dressed only in a pair of skimpy blue briefs. The boys have fun splashing and dowsing each other in all those ... [Read more]

AXM’s customers are changing lives!

AXM’s customers are changing lives! AXM, the successful nightclub in The Gay Village of Manchester, adopted the charity 'Moni Malawi' back in 2010 with the specific intention of completing a brand new school building project and continuing the existing children's feeding programme in that extremely deprived country. Two years on and ... [Read more]

Showboat to stardom!

Showboat to stardom! Northampton born Benjamin Johnson has been creating a stir UK wide over the past year. A passionate singer/songwriter Benjamin’s music is inspired by the likes of The Kooks and Damian Rice. Having worked with unsigned urban acts such as BrightLight for his most recent single ‘In The City’ we ... [Read more]

Has the internet ruined sex?

Has the internet ruined sex? By Beyonce Recently Channel 4 contacted me out of the blue. They wanted to speak to a gay man about the internet and sex, and apparently a quick Google search gave them my name. I'm not sure what that says about me. Slut? Social media whore? Porn addict?Whatever. They were certainly barking ... [Read more]

Film Festival

Film Festival The 26th BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival will take place 23rd March – 1st April for ten days of the best in queer cinema from around the world on all four screens of BFI Southbank (an increase of four days on last year’s festival). The previous edition of the LLGFF saw enthusiastic ... [Read more]

“World’s Greatest Musical Comeback Act”

“World’s Greatest Musical Comeback Act” Take That top U.K. chart but Jennifer Lopez named the “World’s Greatest Musical Comeback Act”: Lopez narrowly beat another comeback queen, Mariah Carey, into second place and Take That into third to be named the “World’s Greatest Musical Comeback Act” in a study of online searches ... [Read more]

Listen up!

Listen up!   Launched during the brand’s 20th anniversary year, the headphones celebrate Ministry of Sound’s unrivalled knowledge in creating the world’s best club sound system and the biggest independent record label (with artists including Example and Wretch 32 and market-leading compilations) ... [Read more]

It’s a close shave with the world’s manliest shaving brand

It’s a close shave with the world’s manliest shaving brand   Sick and tired of that never-ending shaving rash? Fed up to the back teeth with in-growing hairs? Bored to death with razor burn? There is nothing quite as frustrating as cleaning up with a close shave, only to suffer from common skin irritations that cause your face and neck misery and ... [Read more]

Dance Trax

Dance Trax Watch out for news on where Manchester Federation and Freakshow will be next over the coming months... let's just hope the rumours are true! Find out more at As usual, you can download my monthly podcast filled with feel good, uplifting house - simply search for 'Jason Guy' in ... [Read more]

Gender – what the f@ck!

Gender – what the f@ck! By Adam Lowe Recording artists don't come more alternative than DragChrist - the names rhetorical. John Waters kitsch starlet Divine is sighted as being DragChrist's goddess of inspiration, and while at first glance there is very little in common between the 7ft (in high heels) DragChrist, and ... [Read more]

Coming this August

Coming this August Aussie actor Murray Bartlett has left his reputation as a womaniser in many US series like Sex and the City, to take up the starring role of a gay man searching for the love of his life in a new DVD release August. In it he’s sexy, manly but not altogether aware of what he wants or needs to be ... [Read more]

DVD – Win These

DVD – Win These Friends With benefits Having had enough of relationships, Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) think it’s going to be easy to add the simple act of sex to their friendship, despite what Hollywood comedies would have them believe. Physical pleasure without the emotional entanglements ... [Read more]

Film Review and Buzz – Chris Amos

Film Review and Buzz – Chris Amos The Muppets Out 10 Feb Disney bought the right to The Muppets and this is a perfect relaunch. The world's biggest Muppet fan, and his friends Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) discover the nefarious plan of oilman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) to raze the Muppet Theater and drill for the oil ... [Read more]

Gay Blog Spot

Gay Blog Spot - A blog about all aspects of being a gay guy in 21st Century London. -  An American gay blog that’s not just gay friendly but  connects gays and their allies with gay news, gay friendly business and gay culture! http://blog ... [Read more]

Gay Food?

Gay Food? By Les Lea OK, so, for no particular reason I was wondering if there was such a thing as gay food. Not that I’m obsessed that if we are gay then we might be influenced by what we eat or anything… I just thought it would be fun to see what people thought of the idea. I was expecting a litany ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – Being honest

Johan’s Blog – Being honest To be honest I really can’t complain about my job, working in the homophile adult entertainment industry – to give it its official name! The truth is that I really enjoy what I do for a living, although I always prefer to tell folks that I do gay porn. After all, that’s exactly what it is! For ... [Read more]

Fabulous Kear & Ku competition

Fabulous Kear & Ku competition Kear & Ku is an independently owned Menswear company, based in Gloucestershire and the brainchild of entrepreneur Mr Harry Kear. In 2010, and having had several successful businesses in the past, he embarked on this new venture. Inspired by the huge potential market the Fashion Industry offered ... [Read more]

Fashion but much more…

Fashion but much more… London Fashion Week will be buzzing with New York attitude when NYC’s own “Narcissus” Electro-Pop crooner Angelo and Paper Magazine’s Nightlife Photographer/Videographer Marco Ovando (Jessica 6, Amanda Lepore, Cazwell) set “The Old Smoke” City aflame with a series of collaborations for ... [Read more]


PAM ANN   Buckle Up! Adventure Calls bitches! ‘It’s time to shut the F**K up, sit the F**K down, put your seat belt on and get ready for take-off.  PAM ANN is back and she means business and doesn’t mean business class!  Move over Pan Am, PAM ANN the original queen of the skies is touching ... [Read more]

Camping it up while playing it straight

Camping it up while playing it straight Lion TV’s hit show Playing it Straight appeared back on our screens on Monday 9th January, once again causing its viewers to scream in frustration at the television, “but he’s got a tan and bleached hair, surely he’s gay!” For those who never saw the show’s original appearance ... [Read more]


ONLY HUMAN By Alex Wiggan Oh, you would. You know you would. You know that given half the chance you’d love to take a post-transformation tumble with Being Human star Russell Tovey. As the luscious lad with lycanthropy on the hit TV show, actor Tovey is one hot hunk and is most certainly up there with ... [Read more]

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