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AXM’s customers are changing lives!

AXM, the successful nightclub in The Gay Village of Manchester, adopted the charity ‘Moni Malawi’ back in 2010 with the specific intention of completing a brand new school building project and continuing the existing children’s feeding programme in that extremely deprived country. Two years on and the fruits of all their aggressive fundraising and their customers & staffs generosity has produced some amazing and life changing results.

Haydn Pope from AXM said “When I first heard about Moni Malawi and what they were trying to achieve I just knew we had to get involved. Too many times we raise money for charities that is then swallowed up into their corporate structure, and you never actually get to see exactly where and what your money has done or been spent on. This charity was different. There are no salary costs, no plush offices or overhead expenses, no ‘fact finding’ trips or ‘strategy workshops’ held in posh hotels, and absolutely every single penny raised goes directly into the project and to the people who need it most. Using the money raised we have now finished building a brand new, 2 block, high spec primary school in the Kambudzi Village area, and we also fund 2 out of the 3 teachers employed there. Tied into that, we have a school feeding programme that feeds all the kids attending the school on a daily basis, thus encouraging the parents to send them to school in the first place. The number of kids now attending our school is 634 who are all taught English, Maths, Agriculture, Sports and RI. I am extremely proud of AXM and all its customers and staff who have literally changed people’s lives forever. The legacy of our school will run for generations to come, and the feeding programme will I hope eradicate, in Kambudzi at least, the dreadful statistic that 1 in 4 children die before the age of 5.”