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Grindr Makes a Difference in 2014

Grindr Makes a Difference in 2014 From Fundraising for LGBT Organizations to Increasing Awareness of Health Issues, 250,000+ Grindr Users Worldwide Took Action Now entering its fourth year, Grindr for Equality has succeeded in generating incredible results by mobilizing Grindr users across the globe to bring LGBT equality issues to ... [Read more]

Gambia anti-gay Bill: London embassy protest

Gambia anti-gay Bill: London embassy protest Photo: Peter Tatchell Foundation     African LGBTI activists and their British allies have urged the Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, not to sign the new anti-gay Criminal Code (Amendment) Bill 2014, which was passed by the National Assembly on 25 August. The say it violates the Gambian constitution ... [Read more]

American Anti-Gay Activists Abroad

American Anti-Gay Activists Abroad posted by: Dominic Preston According to the new report, in the American blog site: titled ‘The Export of Hate’, these extremists “work tirelessly to undercut LGBT people around the world at every turn.” “They spew venomous rhetoric, outrageous theories, and discredited ... [Read more]

The ethics of LGBT tourism

The ethics of LGBT tourism “The question of tourist boycotts is an ethical consideration for everyone, not just LBGT people. Boycott decisions should be based on a country’s broad human rights record, not just on where it stands on LGBT issues. If we expect straight people to support LGBT equality, we should be prepared to ... [Read more]

Out There with Stephen Fry

Out There with Stephen Fry   Image: BBC On Monday 14th October and Wednesday 16th October, BBC Two will air Stephen Fry: Out There, a two-part documentary series exploring first-hand how the lives of men and women in vastly different communities across the globe have been impacted by their sexuality. Contemplating his ... [Read more]


GAY MARRIAGE PRIDE   Drew Wilby Photographics Adam Lowe writes about the intersections of marriage and pride, and how we should always do things our own way. This year Manchester Pride Fringe spanned a full month rather than, as in previous years, just ten days. I was lucky enough to take part, as my collective ... [Read more]

Solidarity with LGBT Africans

Solidarity with LGBT Africans Stop homophobic witch-hunts in Commonwealth nations At Brighton Pride last Saturday, the Peter Tatchell Foundation & the African LGBT Out and Proud Diamond Group marched in solidarity with LGBT Africans, against homophobic persecution in Cameroon, Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria. Read about the anti-gay ... [Read more]

Give nul points to homophobia

Give nul points to homophobia  Stonewall is calling on its supporters to raise funds to tackle homophobia worldwide by staging fundraising parties during the Eurovision Song Contest on 18th May. The charity has launched party packs to help supporters have fun while raising money – and TV star Graham Norton has contributed his ... [Read more]

Queen supports gay rights in the Commonwealth?

Queen supports gay rights in the Commonwealth? In a message from the Peter Tatchell Foundation regarding the recent signing by Her Majesty of a Commonwealth Charter banning discrimination, Peter argues that it isn’t necessarily the support that LGBT activists had hoped for. Peter writes: “By signing the new Commonwealth Charter, with its ... [Read more]