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Summer Fitness by Lee Hudson


By Lee Hudson

Who would have thought that getting fit could be so stressful, after-all, aren’t we supposed to love all this exercising malarkey? Having said that, I’ve never seen a happy runner jogging along the street and the only time you see a marathon runner smile is when it’s all over. So, to me, unless you set yourself achievable goals it is odds on that you are not going to accomplish much change. So make a plan.

First off – don’t just decide to give up eating as this isn’t healthy and messes with your natural metabolism. However, do keep a calendar or diary of the things you eat (and the portion size) which should give you an idea of the areas where you could perhaps cut down or cut out.

Have a bit of a competition. It is known that to achieve any fitness or healthy goal it helps if others are involved. You may not appreciate giving your hard-earned money to some taut and muscly guy (although why not?) so get a group of mates together, put some money in a pot, and winner takes all. Motivation if ever there was… getting others to pay for your new holiday ensemble.

Stay focused. Have an event in the future in which you’d like to take part. Could be a marathon or going off to a Pride event where you want to show off your new body. Just sign up and you know you have something there to spur you on.

So, slip into your favourite swimwear, look in the mirror and decide what needs to be done. Then mix your strength training with your cardiovascular workout, get thos mates together and you have the recipe for success. Losing weight and getting fit is a simple maths problem of calories in versus calories out. You have to burn more calories than you consume. It’s that simple.