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The Rise and Rise of Body Art

The Rise and Rise of Body Art What do David Beckham, Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie all have in common? Fame and money? No. Well yes, they are all rich and famous, but there is another thing they all share. They all love their tattoos. From rock stars and footballers to supermodels and actors, it seems body art is everywhere you ... [Read more]


‘NEXT TOP MODEL’ COMPETITION Following last year’s success, Manchester Pride is today re-launching ‘Pride’s Next Top Model’. This competition aims to find two models (one male and one female), who will appear in the festival’s marketing campaign for 2012. Prizes include: Two VIP passes to Manchester Pride’s Big ... [Read more]

Gay Boxing Show

Gay Boxing Show It’s taken a while in finally organising but the first gay fight/club night is about to take place in London. The famous white collar boxing matches, where businessmen take on other businessmen in the boxing ring, has now got more than a slight pink tinge. Club promoters, music moguls, porn stars and ... [Read more]

Not model behaviour

Not model behaviour What the hell is wrong with all these English models? They’re cute, they’re sexy, they’re very, very horny and they’re always a real good fuck - trust me, I know because I’ve tried it countless times myself! But sadly they’re not very reliable. I receive a lot of model applications, and ... [Read more]


UNDERWEAR Bent, in conjunction with, managed to survey almost 3,000 of the website’s members for their research into the importance of underwear to gay men. This was the result to the question: How important is your choice of underwear style, brand and colour? 80% thought it was ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – An American named Turk

Johan’s Blog – An American named Turk The last few weeks have been really busy for me. I’ve been on an extended business trip to Berlin; I’ve performed in a porn movie, I’ve made several videos for my own site, I’ve performed at some of our STAXUS live shows – and, at last, I’ve bought a car! Yes, I’ve finally bought ... [Read more]


VICE UP YOUR LIFE Move over all you girls bands…. the boys are back!  They sing, they dance, they look HOT… Prepared to be bowled over Britain’s hottest new boyband VICE. With their infectious melodies and smouldering looks, Scott, 22 from Scotland, Luke, 22 from Essex, Kevin, 22 from Liverpool and 18 year-old ... [Read more]