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QUEER PALM The Queer Palm awards a feature and short film among all of the Cannes Film Festival selections with a dedicated jury honouring films for their treatment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. Kaboom from Gregg Araki (USA) was the first Awarded film in 2010, followed by Beauty (Oliver Hermanus – ... [Read more]


Products Blue & Orange Designed to appeal to the modern man-about-town, Superdry has created two new fragrances for men. Orange – is a spicy cluster of black pepper, frankincense, sandalwood and patchouli crowned with a zesty sweetness of blood orange. Blue – is an invigorating scent that invokes ... [Read more]

Film April 2012 – Reviewed by Chris Amos

Film April 2012 – Reviewed by Chris Amos   Headhunters Out 2nd April A fast paced thriller from the makers of the first (and superior in my opinion) Girl With Dragon Tattoo. Roger Brown seems to have it all. An exceedingly beautiful wife, a luxurious villa and a job as a successful corporate headhunter. He is the best in the business ... [Read more]

Mashcio Makeover

Mashcio Makeover All Eyes Are On You! For this month’s Grooming Special we thought we would focus on giving you some ‘come to bed’ eyes. Eye’s are one of the first things people notice abut another person, really sexy eyes can draw people in and definitely help make someone more attractive. After all ... [Read more]

In the eye of the beholder

In the eye of the beholder Beauty is a Pop/R&B solo artist from Liverpool with an ability to write catchy songs that instantly get stuck in your head. His electric dance routines, combined with his quirky, eccentric style have quickly made him popular on the music scene. Having been described by Piers Morgan ... [Read more]

Barcelona Circuit Festival 2011

Barcelona Circuit Festival 2011 by Chris The 10 day event held at the beginning of August in Barcelona Spain is the largest gay and lesbian event in Europe, if not the world. 10 days of massive parties, after hours and day time pool parties; plus many free day time activities such as conferences, speeches, art and ... [Read more]

Beauty: September 2011

Beauty: September 2011 The smell of Ben Inspired by the Brit Art movement and the creativity and innovation synonymous with modern Britain, Ben Sherman, and their creative team, have created a bottle that is a true reflection of a brand with a heritage of modernism. As such, the fragrance is elegantly presented in a heavyweight ... [Read more]

Cyprus, home of Aphrodite

Cyprus, home of Aphrodite Cyprus, rather lyrically shaped like a lute, is the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and at only four hours flight from Manchester Airport via Monarch, this is an accessible alternative to holidaying in Gran Canaria or Sitges ... [Read more]

Ahh… the old traditional!

Ahh… the old traditional! Our Captain Shave, the man in the office with barely a follicle that is immune to his trusty wet razor has been raving about The Real Shaving Company and their Traditional Shave formula. He’s not a man to get overly excited but, daub his whiskers with this double concentrated extra smooth cream ... [Read more]

Slippery safe comfort

Slippery safe comfort An organic lubricant that brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘safe sex’ has been launched for men. Of the 89% of guys who regularly use a condom during intercourse, almost a fifth rely on saliva as a lubricant – and 13 % using nothing at all. With a lack of lubrication as the most common cause ... [Read more]

Born Wild

Born Wild When envisaging the Ed Hardy Born Wild scent, Olivier Gillotin, “blended a vibrant citrus note with pink peppercorn and a coffee accord to infuse this scent with excitement and offer an element of surprise from the beginning. A unique California wood called Palo Verde was used to create an exclusive ... [Read more]

The Stud Advantage

The Stud Advantage By Mark Gray It’s no secret we are a culture consumed by image. Consider the following: over his career, a good-looking man will make £100,000s more than his least-attractive counterpart. It’s called the “beauty premium”: the idea that pretty people, whatever their aspirations ... [Read more]

Mr Eagle

Mr Eagle After a years hiatus Mr Eagle returns this month to Eagle London with the biggest and best bloke beauty competition of 2011! It is all about the men this year, we like ‘em rough around the edges with a twinkle in the eye, masculine realness and butch appeal but not afraid to be ‘themselves’. Sound ... [Read more]


HEALTH & BEAUTY Squash those bugs Public transport, computer keyboards, shaking hands, door handles ... Did you know that 80% of the germs that make us ill are passed on by our hands? What’s more, a single germ can multiply to become more than eight million germs in just one day. So, this winter keep your hands ... [Read more]

Top Drawers – By Lee Hudson

Top Drawers – By Lee Hudson If you mix beauty, style, hedonism, homo-erotica and a bevy of hot lads and lasses in their underwear… what do you get? Well, for me it was a wet dream come to life on the stage but to Matthew Bourne it is his latest touring production of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde’s story of a good-looking innocent ... [Read more]