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In the eye of the beholder

Beauty is a Pop/R&B solo artist from Liverpool with an ability to write catchy songs that instantly get stuck in your head. His electric dance routines, combined with his quirky, eccentric style have quickly made him popular on the music scene.

Having been described by Piers Morgan as ‘incredibly vibrant, sensational, and energetic’ this artist has been touring the country appearing at numerous Pride events but managed to make time to chat to Ryan Houston about his inspirations.

I think my interest in music grew from my parents just playing it around me when I was younger. I always remember my Dad playing retro vinyl records and tapes that I would sing and dance around the house to, and that kind of inspired me to continue the music theme in my life. I wanted it to be a big part of me because I always enjoyed it and I’m still enjoying it.

If music hadn’t worked out for you where would your life have gone?

I love fashion almost as much as music so maybe I would have done something related to that. Although, what I do now still has a connection with fashion through the creativity of my productions, so it looks like I’m winning with what I chose to do.
Out of the gigs you have performed what has been your favourite?

The second show I did as a solo artist was at Liverpool Pride. That has been one of my favourites as I got to play my home town and also support a good cause, but on top of that it’s a Pride event and there’s always a great atmosphere.

You’ve performed at numerous Pride events this year, how does performing these events compare to a ‘straight’ event?

There seems to be more of an energetic atmosphere. I think the crowds are more free spirited and willing to get involved which is always a good thing because when the crowd gets involved it pushes you to do more and be better and I think it just adds to the experience.

What can fans expect from you next year?

Big things! I’m currently writing new music and putting different things together. I’m upping my game so watch out.