Sexiest Men of 2015

With the New Year just over a week away, we take a look back at the five guys who gave us the most pleasure in 2015.

5. Tom Daley

The Olympic Twink has matured massively over the past year, putting on some muscle, some hair, and a lot more fans. No longer is he the barely legal fantasy of a certain type, but now a world-wide Heart-throb.



4. Chris Pratt

From chubby to giving-us-a-chubbie, Chris Pratts new body has just got better this year.

chris-pratt-12932 Chris-Pratt-workout-plan-for-Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-see-the-before-and-after-Cover rs_560x415-140218143522-1024.chris-pratt-muscles-marvel-guardians-021814 TcXPxYo

3. Chris Hemsworth

Vacation. Thats all I need to say. (Yes we know it’s fake, but we can dream)


Chris-Hemsworth-Chest-and-Biceps-SizeChris Hemsworth shows off his ripped body as he chills by his hotel pool

2. Zac Efron

Well, we’ve all seen the Dirty Granda Gifs. (If not see them on our previous post)

maxresdefaultZac Efron & Robert De Niro Go Shirtless For Flex Off On Set Of "Dirty Grandpa"

1. Henry Cavill

With the Man from U.N.C.L.E released this year and Batman vs Superman just a few months away, we’re seeing plenty of him, but its still not enough. The body, the hair, (the body hair), those eyes, the list goes on.

krCB0um  tumblr_mxlq0vo2Mw1squubko1_1280