What We’re Looking Forward to This Month in Television – January 2016

January is a big month in television. With many show’s returning from their winter hiatus and some brand new series starting, we’re getting a bit concerned their wont be time to watch everything – but we’re definitely going to try.
The dates given are the original release/premier dates. Some will be later in the UK, but if you’re like me then you won’t let that stop you.
Billions – 01/01/16 (Online) 17/01/16 (Showtime) (UK Unknown)

Agent Carter Season 2 – 19/01/16 (28/01/16 UK Premier)

The Flash Midseason Premier – 19/01/16 (Feb for the UK)

Arrow Midseason Premier – 20/01/16 (Feb for the UK)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 21/01/16 (Feb for UK)

The X-Files – 24/01/16 (Feb for UK)