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Not just a Bimbo



Bimbo Jones (the band) are a UK-based dance music trio, made up of studio partners Lee Dagger and Marc JB – also known by their alter-egos Dead Stereo & Element – and singer/songwriter Katherine Ellis.


With a unique blend of talents they have proven to be the basis for a successful partnership remixing over 50 tracks including; Pink, Janet Jackson, Usher, Deep Dish, Annie Lennox, as well as more recently Alphabeat’s ‘Fascination’ and ‘10,000 Nights’.  With the release of their new single ‘See You Later’, Ryan Houston caught up with the guys to find out more.


How did Bimbo Jones get together?


Lee Dagger – I had been DJing in clubs and at festivals since 1991 everywhere from Sydney to Miami. House beats ruled my head from day one. At school I used to write loads of poetry so come 2000 I felt a need to let me ideas run wild and convey ideas through making and writing new tunes.



Marc JB – My introduction to Lee came from a family friend, we seemed to really get on and so we got started. With Lee, we could make a tune in the day and with his Djing skills get it played out to 10,000 people that evening. It was a winning combination from the start!



How did you guys get the name “Bimbo Jones”? 



Marc JB – It’s funny how the name ‘Bimbo Jones’ has evolved into a brand.  Back in the day we were doing remixes for the record companies, we were being told to make it sound like this song or that song and we would have to revisit the mix.  But over the last 7 years, nobody asks for changes as it’s the ‘Bimbo Jones’ sound they want in the first place.  I feel proud to be part of Bimbo Jones.




You’ve recently worked with Ida Corr to create ‘See You Later’, which is sure to be a song of Summer, how did that come about?




Lee Dagger – Marc and I had made this bomb of a backing track called Questions. I had been dropping it everywhere from Mardi Gras to Glastonbury and we knew we had made a hot track. Then we managed to get Ida onboard and the rest is history. We knew as soon as we heard her top line on ‘Questions’ that she brought the track to live.


Looking back over your remixes, what has been the most challenging remix you’ve had to do and why? 




Marc JB – State side RnB tracks can be difficult because the tempo is quite slow around 80 beats per minute.  When these vocals are sped up, the words become fast and percussive like a machine gun and the vibrato in the voice speeds up until it sounds like a chipmunk on acid (imagine that!).  




What advice do you have to up and coming DJs and producers? 




Lee Dagger – I would say work hard, be nice, NO be very nice, believe in yourself, make hot music and don’t be big headed- and always play to the people.