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August 2011: My First Time – Sauna

Bent asked its readers to share their experience of that very first ever visit to a gay sauna.

Two years ago I went with my mate John to a sauna in London, it was my first time and though he said it was his, the way the guy on reception greeted him I think he must have been lying. Although I was a little bit nervous I’m not a kid anymore and fairly confidently walked around naked like everyone else. The place wasn’t full but there were a few guys wandering around and as my mate seemed to have pulled fairly quickly I was left to look after myself. There was a sort of splash pool and I noticed a bear wallowing happily with his eyes closed at one end so I thought I’d slip into the water without annoying him. He did notice, opened his eyes, nodded acknowledgement and said a gruff “Hi”. We chatted further and I moved up beside him so we weren’t shouting across the pool at one and other. After a few minutes of being sat next to him I felt his hand stroking my thigh, which had an instant reaction on my cock. I reached for his and he was already hard… and big. I remember thinking – huge guy, huge dick – and carried on playing with each other as we talked. It wasn’t long though before the ache in our cocks was more pressing than our conversation that had suddenly developed into a lot of moaning and “Oh yeahs”. He wanted me to suck him off under water and although the idea appealed, I didn’t think I could control my breathing sufficiently to enjoy it. I wasn’t planning on coming but his grip and sliding thumb suddenly hit the spot and I spurted into the water (I know, I know) but I couldn’t help it. He smiled at what he’d done and then brushed my hand away from his dick and told me to leave it he was happy to have made me cum. A bit shame-faced I got out but he was already back lazing against the side of the pool with his eyes closed. I wondered if he had guys coming and playing with him all the time.
David, Brighton

A few years ago I’d gone to a sauna in Blackpool after being at Flamingo and the place was heaving with guys. There was so much going on I wished I’d arrived earlier as I watched this cute twink being escorted off to some dark and secluded corner by this middle-aged guy… it could have been me… I remember thinking. Anyway, after about 10 minutes I saw the twinky lad again, just wondering around, naked and without a care in the world. He was attracting loads of attention, not that he was the only one, as some of the grunting and groaning and sloppy sucking noises had to be heard to be believed. Anyway, I was taking a shower, having done a bit of heavy petting in the sauna with a guy not unlike myself (I’m sure Freud would have a field day with that particular image) anyway, we both wanted to shag and in the end and neither of us was prepared to be the one taking it, so we sort of separated. I asked the twink, who was under the shower next to me, if he’d been busy. He said not really… just a couple of guys wanting to blow him but … and he shrugged his shoulders. I was getting off on just talking to this good looking dude and my dick was showing as much interest as I was. He saw my cock rearing up and leant in and touched it. I told him jokingly, that if he broke it he’d have to pay for it. He laughed out loud, which I wasn’t sure was allowed in a sauna, but he took my hand and grabbing our towels, we made our way to a cubicle. While waiting for our turn, as there was loads of squealing coming from inside, we kissed and cuddled, which turned me on even more. An old guy and a young guy exited the cubicle and we slipped in. There was lube and condom already on a little shelf and he grabbed the lube while I released a condom from the packet. He was an unbelievably fantastic shag. Desperate to try new positions and angles and I was only pleased to do my bit. We were at it for about an hour and he made even more noise than the people who’d been in there before us. I just loved the fact that we could do such a thing and not worry about disturbing anyone else…
Gary , Preston