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Fitness with Jarrett James – The Hard Gainer

Ectomorph: The Hard Gainer


Do you have light bone structure, small joints, and find it hard to gain weight/muscle?

You are probably an ectomorph/hard gainer

Do you watch your carbohydrate intake too much?
Do you just eat complex carbohydrates?
Do you go low carb/high protein?
Do you?

Forget what you learned! You are a hard gainer. Your physique and dietary needs differ completely when compared to the big jointed mesomorph next to you!

He may be eating a salad and steak with a small serving of rice… but that isn’t going to cut it for you! That’s not going to create the anabolic fueling you need!

The majority of hard gainers/ectomorphs need to consume at least 4000 calories a day, sometimes as much as 5000-6000. Yes, that is a lot of calories!

With that amount, it is very hard to achieve your intake with just complex carbohydrates and protein… Plus, your energy requirements are much higher.

You also have a completely different anabolic situation than endo’s and even meso’s (people who gain fat easier and those that gain muscle easily).

You need to focus on being anabolic a lot more – focusing on extra rest, limiting cardio, heavy weight training, and high GI (glycemic index) foods that spike insulin levels/create an anabolic environment.


Mesomorphs can generally get away with limited calories, limited insulin spike/energy before training, and less sleep/rest and gain well.

What to do:

Decrease the cardio and other calorie devouring activity – get just enough to be fit and healthy.

Go heavy and intense in the weight room and decrease the volume – less sets and time in the gym.

See that bagel – two bagels? Fill it up with that jam/jelly and have it with a protein shake before the gym. You need that insulin spike! After training? A protein shake with a couple of banana’s could do the trick.

Taper your carbohydrates in the evening but never reduce them to zero. Eat carbohydrates even for your last meal. Eat the majority, especially high GI carbs in the morning and before/after training.. But still consume for your other meals.

Take a good quality protein powder

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