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Beauty: September 2011

Beauty: September 2011 The smell of Ben Inspired by the Brit Art movement and the creativity and innovation synonymous with modern Britain, Ben Sherman, and their creative team, have created a bottle that is a true reflection of a brand with a heritage of modernism. As such, the fragrance is elegantly presented in a heavyweight ... [Read more]

Mr Gay UK… is back…

Mr Gay UK… is back… After a break of three years the contest that every gay boy can enter returns with heats being held all over the UK Terry George, the Leeds based gay entrepreneur, who owns the competition said: “I thought that maybe the contest had passed its sell by date and decided to put it on hiatus. However ... [Read more]

Music Competition: September 2011

Music Competition: September 2011 My Heart by Doris Day This exciting collection is Doris Day’s first studio album of new material in 17 years; a dozen songs of a timeless quality, with nine brand-new recordings produced by Day’s late son, Terry Melcher, plus a trio of Day classics. The iconic movie and recording star has been ... [Read more]

Sauna: My First Time

Sauna: My First Time I’ve only recently started to go to a brilliant place near my home town. I’d read online about these places and the idea really appealed to me but I thought that they’d be awful dives and the only good ones were abroad or in London, so was pretty made up when I found one so close by. I was worried ... [Read more]


SINGLES – SEPT 2011 SUGABABES Freedom 5th September This month the UK's most successful game of musical chairs . . . sorry, girl band, hits the charts with new single 'Freedom'. Unfortunately, the girls have gone from being one of the sassiest outfits in Brit girl pop to being yet another plastic Fembot ensemble. Although ... [Read more]

Power Talking

Power Talking Do you want to improve your communication skills, including negotiating the sex you want? GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, has announced the launch of their new workshop, ‘Power Talking’, which will be delivered by GMFA’s CHAPS partners in 11 cities across the UK this autumn. This ... [Read more]

Book Review – September 2010

Book Review – September 2010 Kissed It’s probably impossible to say when exactly mankind began to kiss. But one thing is for sure: The kiss surely is one of the most successful “inventions” of our cultural history. Songs and books have been dedicated to it, as well as paintings and scientific treatments. Gay men know best ... [Read more]

Dance Tracks – September 2010

Dance Tracks – September 2010 Track of the month Karl G & Jamesie ft Undersound – Never Should (Born To Dance) This track has been gathered a lot of attention in Ibiza this year and it’s easy to see why. As DJs, Karl G & Jamesie have built up an international pedigree, are tour residents for Ministry of Sound in Scandinavia ... [Read more]

Editor’s Words – September 2010

Editor’s Words – September 2010 According to the Office for National Statistics, 3,227 male and 3,054 female couples tied the knot last year. This number was down 12% on the previous year, which was also down on the year before that. I suppose it is only natural that the giddy delight in at last being able to officially acknowledge ... [Read more]