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Book Review – September 2010

KISSED_Joseph SinclairKissed
It’s probably impossible to say when exactly mankind began to kiss. But one thing is for sure: The kiss surely is one of the most successful “inventions” of our cultural history. Songs and books have been dedicated to it, as well as paintings and scientific treatments. Gay men know best that a kiss is often way more intimate than a quickie. And all of those who ever tried to justify the breaking of a heart with the popular excuse “But it was only a kiss” will have to reconsider their point of view after having leafed through KISSED and marvelled at this stunning collection of kissing pictures. The works of artists such as Jeff Palmer, David Vance, Justin Monroe and Howard Roffman are presented in this book.
£26.99 – Bruno Gmunder

img-7220957-00012The Big Book of Gaydar (uncut) By JockBoy26
If you’re gay you’ve got a Gaydar profile – don’t pretend you haven’t. It’s your essential passport to a world of mates, dates and who-know-what. This is the first book to act as an insiders guide to the pleasures and pitfalls of this fantastic online network. Written by a guy who knows, Jockboy26 has seen most of it as he’s trawled the service and met a host of characters. He offers advice on how to pick the right pics, how to present a cool profile and what (and who) to avoid.
£6.99 – Book Guild

img-7301009-00011Smooth and Sassy
Edited by John Patrick
Some boys look innocent. But they shouldn’t be trusted because once they get into the bedroom they become completely wild. Young men are available to satisfy your most secret desires or the most forbidden fantasies. Innocence lost? Hardly they know what they want and who they want it from.
£12.99 – Starbooks

Edited by Eric Summers
A collection of hot, theme-based erotica centred around the locker room and sports related stories. If readers have ever wished to take part in a locker room romp, or turn things sexual during a wrestling match or be paired with the best-looking guy on the football team, this anthology is for them.
£12.99 – Starbooks

img-7301010-0001-22Men at Noon, Monsters at Midnight
Edited by Christopher Pierce
Sex is a beast and sometimes monsters can be terribly sexy. What gay man hasn’t dreamt of being swept into the arms of a hot vampire or longed to be hunted by a sexy werewolf?
Horror movies and their creatures are often very homoerotic, where there this may only be a subtext, this sexually charged anthology shows the likes of Twilight just how it should be done.
£12.99 – Starbooks

img-7301010-00012Muscle Men
Edited by Richard Labonte
Whether they are at the gym, in the locker room or especially in the steam room, hunks that look hard, work hard and play hard inspire fantasies the world over. Yes, hard men in stories to make you hard… you may not have the body but you can share in the play of these masculine studs.
£10.99 – Cleis Press

One thought on “Book Review – September 2010

  • nathan burrell

    I think in todays society in all thats its mixed up in weather that be religion, social class, fashion,tv,magazine’s i think what humans have lost is its open minded nes to decide who you are in the world i think being gay is one of the most hardes’t things to face in todays modern world although it is becoming more excepted by people i still feel as though todays society has come to try and twist the way we are and i think religion and media’s perceiption on us has made it very hard for us to just let go and find ourself’s in way where we won’t be judged for what we are. I think the media and religion does need to stress the point that its ok to be who you are and people need to be taught how to act with these issue’s witch brings me also into schools i think students should learn that its ok in life to love the oppersit sex and that its not to be looked down apon.

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