Hollywood Hunk set to play He-man?

Hollywood actor and general heart throb, Kellan Lutz, is rumoured to take on the comic book and television super strength hero He-man.




Famous for his roles in the Twiilight film series, the 31-year-old American has played several bare chested super strength champions before.




From Hercules in the 2014 film flop The Legends of Hercules.


article-2381005-1B0DAD37000005DC-715_634x916 (1)


To the Greek god Poseidon in 2011’s Immortals.




After tweeting the following this weekend and having seen his credentials (pecs) we can certainly see this happening:




He-man has been previously played by Dolph Ludgren in the 1987 film Masters of The Universe (randomly featuring Courtney Cox), which was both a critical and commercial failure.




Good luck Lutz, sounds like you might need it.



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