Huge effigy of David Cameron with a Pigs head to be burned in Guy Fawkes night celebration.

Remember, remember, that story about David Cameron placing “a private part of his anatomy” inside the head of a dead pig? Well the organisers of the Lewes Bonfire Celebrations certainly do!

A huge effigy of a the Prime Minister on a golden throne, with a severed Pigs head in his lap and a fox climbing his leg, while wearing nothing but a pair of union flag briefs, if to be set ablaze in the Sussex town tonight.

David Cameron Guy, @MattyJam92
David Cameron Guy, @MattyJam92

A second effigy of Sepp Blatter, the currently suspended president of FIFA, is also due to be burned.

Sepp Blatter Guy, Nick Edell/@humble_nick
Sepp Blatter Guy, Nick Edell/@humble_nick

Lewes Bonfire Celebrations is one of the biggest Guy Fawkes Night events in the country, and has a history of burning controversial effigies.

In the past these have included Rebecca Brooks, Vladimir Putin, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Kim Jong-Un.

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