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The Bear Naked Chef – Tasty Food made by Hot Bear!

Have you seen this show yet…if you love cooking shows and “bear-ish” men then this is the show for you.

Adrian De Berardinis is handsome and can cook, what we call it husband material. His show is proven very popular on YouTube. Basically Adrian bares all in just a skimpy apron and cooks some delicious meals. It is not rocket science but plenty to look at and good entertainment. To make sure it is not only popular because he is hot we have tried a few of his recipes and we must say they were yummy!

It is a win win as far as we are concerned.

Here is episode one of season one so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about. We have also added some pictures from Pinterest for your viewing pleasure.

Team Bent, be who you are!





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  • John lentz

    Love it

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