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Abz from 5ive is selling his Brit Award on eBay!

by Terry GeeScreenshot (6)a

We all remember 5ive. They were the five piece boyband who released such hits as Keep on Movin’, If Ya Getting’ Down and our personal favourite, When The Lights Go Out.

AbzAbz Love (real name Richard Abidin Breen) was a singer and rapper with the group from 1997 – 2001. He released a solo album in 2003 entitled Abstract Theory and reunited with 5ive in 2012 for ITVs The Big Reunion. In 2013 Abz entered the Celebrity Big Brother house where he revealed he has Asperger Syndrome.

Last year Abz left 5ive announcing his decision on twitter before telling his fellow band mates. He has now bought a farm in Wales where he and his girlfriend Vicky Fallon live a self-sufficient life living off the land. In a recent This Morning interview he talked about why he had to quit show-business for good. “I felt like I was very lost in the world of sex, drugs and rock and roll. I just needed to do something to ground myself.”

Now Abz is selling his Brit Award on eBay. This award he won in 2000 for best newcomer but is now being used as a doorstop. Perhaps his illness, the drugs and seemingly never-ending party lifestyle has gotten too much for the former pop star and this award symbolises that which he now hates. We do though worry that in years to come he will regret selling it. This award is only given to one person/group a year and he can never be a newcomer again.

On the sellers description he says, “Take advantage of my poverty and grab this rare opportunity to own a bit of pop history!!” Now the owner of a farm he also add the reason for selling is “to fund a delivery of topsoil and maybe some garden tools.”Screen-Shot-2015-09-08-at-11-40-52

We started watching the page a few hours ago when it was at £6,200 and it’s now jumped to £65,900. We’re not sure how much top soil that would buy, but we’re guessing quite a lot!

The auction still has five days to go (quite apt really) so if you want to own a bit of pop history and have more than £66,000 going spare, here is the eBay page.